Splurge! 4/20 takes over the US as cannabis smokers flock to parks across the country

  • Thousands of marijuana smokers flocked to parks for 4/20 on Thursday
  • Crowds in New York City wore costumes to enjoy being “lit” with others
  • In San Francisco and Denver, residents lit up and hung out with fellow smokers

American citizens flocked to parks on Thursday to celebrate 4/20, a holiday all about celebrating marijuana.

From coast to coast, people lit up recreationally both inside their own homes and in parks in major cities with other weed lovers in their area.

In New York City, hundreds gathered in Washington Square Park to “blaze” through the haze in interesting and slightly unconventional ways.

Meanwhile, on the other side of the country, music icon Erykah Badu served in San Francisco as a marijuana marshal, telling thousands of smokers to “Put the weed in the air,” precisely at 4:20 p.m.

The holiday dates back to 1971, and theories about how it began vary from crediting Bob Dylan’s song ‘Rainy Day Women’ to police codes.

American citizens across the country flocked to parks on Thursday to celebrate 4/20, a holiday all about celebrating marijuana
A person takes a hit from a smoke machine type bong on 4/20 or Weed Day in NYC
A man smokes a joint at the Jazz Dispensary during a 4/20 day celebration in Los Angeles

During the celebration on Thursday in New York, marijuana lovers came decked out in costumes and with various forms of weed.

One video shows a man in a Super Mario Bros. outfit lighting up a contraption that then blows marijuana smoke into a massive crowd, full of people recording.

Another video from Washington Square Park shows a man smoking a butt that appears to be at least a foot long.

“Yo, what the hell is New York, bro,” the person recording is heard saying

One clip from a New York street shows a man walking around in a tan business suit with massive bushes on his head, neck and the top of his collar.

The ‘walking slacker’ barely turned the heads of those who passed by.

Across the country, San Franciscans nodded along to Badu’s music as she sang out.

“For many of us, this is our medicine,” she told the crowd, as reported by SF Gate.

“This s**t is here to take you to a higher place,” the ‘On & On’ singer said.

The 420 Hippie Hill event took place in the famous Golden Gate Park and included music, food trucks, vendors and – of course – marijuana.

A person smokes marijuana from a large joint on 4/20 or Weed Day in Washington Square Park
A man in New York City carries around a birthday cake with marijuana blunts for candles

A marijuana plant is emblazoned on the American flag by a weed smoker in NYC
Stoned out? Several people took a break on the grass at Washington Square Park
A man holds a large cannabis joint during the 4/20 celebration in Denver, Colorado
A man smokes a joint outside a pharmacy in Los Angeles on April 20

To the south, Denver city officials were preparing for about 40,000 people to arrive at Civic Center Park for the annual Mile High 420 festival.

The event was open only to smokers aged 21 and over and, like San Francisco’s affair, included food and music.

The festival brought out big names like Rick Ross, Fivio Foreign, Waka Flocka Flame and others.

The host was none other than Tommy Chong, known for his role in the comedy duo Cheech & Chong.

One thing that was not on the agenda for the event was marijuana, as consumption is illegal in public spaces.

“Anyone caught distributing marijuana or using illegal substances at the event may be removed from the event by local authorities,” festival organizers warned.

Marijuana is currently legal in nearly half of all US states as of 2023.

Results from two opinion polls suggest that support for legal cannabis in the US is now higher than for cigarettes. The data is shown above
The above shows cannabis use in US states. Twenty-one states and DC have legalized it for recreational use in addition to medical use, while almost all now allow it to be used for medicinal purposes.
Cannabis use among those under 30 has now reached a record high, data shows. It is climbing in all age groups as more and more states move to drop restrictions on the drug

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