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Southfield man kicked off US aircraft for body odor – Story

– A Southfield man is furious with American Airlines after being kicked off with the body odor family.

Yehuda Adler returns from Miami with his wife and baby girl after a trip It took a bizarre trip when they boarded on Wednesday.

"I was like I have never seen this in my life," he said. "Less than two minutes after we sit down, come and go -" It's an emergency you have to get off the plane. ""

They followed the instructions, walked off the plane and saw when the plane pulled away. 1[ads1]9659002] "They said there were people on the plane complaining that you were staying. Our crew members smelled it, and our pilot smelled it and the pilot says we can't let you fly in this plane because the nest is so bad." 19659002] Adler says he was shocked by the claim – and worried about his eight other children at home in the metro Detroit. The flight home from Miami had already been delayed one day because Detroit's airport was closed on Tuesday night.

Adler's phone video shows a confrontation with an airline's official.

The plane left the luggage, their daughter's car seats and stroller.

Adler has many questions for American Airlines registered on his phone. He told an American Airlines employee he believes they were removed from the plane because they are Jewish.

"You must calm down," said the official. "

" I have to calm down? "I have eight children at home and it's a religious reason for some reason that they kick me off the plane," Adler said. "We have no smell – no one here has a smell – to stop."

"You told me For religious reasons you don't shower – that's what you said, "said the officer.

" I shower every day, "Adler said.

" So what did you say, "the man asked the video.

" I said it is because of my religion you kicked me off the plane – it's anti-Semitism that you kicked me off the plane, "Adler said.

American Airlines said in a statement that there were more complaints about Mr. Adler's body smell and flight were worried about the comfort of other passengers, they were given hotel rooms and re-booked.

Adler says they got their luggage back when they returned to Detroit on Thursday, but he feels American Airlines employees were very disrespectful "They walk around (holding their nose), and it smells," he said. "And they were the leaders – they were embarrassing for all of us. You want people to fly your airline – treat people with respect. "

The airline does not accept any charges of religious discrimination and states that the problem was with the body odor and comfort of other passengers – and the Adler family does not buy it.

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