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Southaven Kroger fined $ 13,000 for child labor violations – FOX13 News Memphis

SE: Southaven Kroger fined $ 13,000 for child labor violations SE: Southaven Kroger fined $ 13,000 for child labor violations

SOUTHAVEN, MS. – A Kroger in Southaven faces punishment in connection with violations of child labor, according to the US Department of Labor.

Investigators said the Goodman Road store allowed three minor workers, ages 1[ads1]6 and 17, to load a garbage compactor with the keys in the machine to allow operation.

The employer also allowed a 15-year-old employee to work more than three hours on a school day and more than 18 hours during a school week, according to a report.

Both are violations.

“Child labor laws are intended to ensure that young workers gain valuable work experience safely without interfering with their safety and education,” said Audrey Hall, Jackson, Mississippi, district director of the payroll and hourly division.

According to a publication, the supermarket faces a civil penalty of $ 13,673 for solving violations of child labor.

“Employers who employ minors must be familiar with the regulations that govern this practice. As the end of the school year approaches rapidly, employers should review child labor legislation and contact the payroll and hourly department if they have any questions, Hall said.

Southaven resident CJ told FOX13 that he worked as a teenager, but with strict child labor laws in place.

“I started working 16, but you could not work 20, 25 hours,” he said.

The same rules still exist today.

The Ministry of Labor says that 14- and 15-year-olds cannot work more than three hours on a school day, no more than 18 hours a week during a school week, and only between 07:00 and 19:00.

When school is not running, as in the summer and winter holidays, they can not work more than 40 hours a week.

The violation here was to allow a 15-year-old to work more than three hours on a school day and 18 hours during a school week.

In Mississippi, teens can work legally from the age of 14, but they are limited in what jobs they can have and how many hours they can work.

Otherwise, most of the state’s labor laws are in line with federal laws, and limit the number of hours teens can work until they turn 18.

To see the complete list of federal child labor laws, you can browse the list by clicking here.

FOX13 contacted Kroger, and a spokesperson for the company sent the following statement:

At Kroger, the safety of our employees and customers is our highest priority. This was an isolated incident in one place, and as soon as we were made aware of the error, we took immediate action. We have paid the fine and confirmed our processes and standards to ensure that this does not happen again in the future.

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