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Sorry to misplace you: Mountain Dew says they heard UP complaints, hoping to correct their mistake

  "Sorry for misplacement": Mountain Dew says they heard UP complaints, hoping to correct their mistake

Courtesy of Mountain Dew

More Headlines [19659005] MADISON, sure. – Mountain Dew has responded to complaints from the Upper Peninsula Twitter page, which pointed out that the rise is marked in Wisconsin in the company's new campaign.

"Hey, Upper Peninsula: We hear you, and we're sorry you misplaced you on our #DEWnited map," Mountain Dew posted in a tweet.

The map, showing the 50 parts of bright Mountain Dew colors, represented the Upper Peninsula as part of Wisconsin, instead of Michigan.

The Upper Peninsula Twitter page, was not happy with the error and requested that Mountain Dew fix it or send free soft drinks to UP residents.

"I'm not Wisconsin," the upper peninsula tweeted on Mountain Dew. "Solve this or send a free case to all my residents. Your conversation."

Mountain Dew apologized and said they were hoping to make it a resident.

"Give us a chance to correct our mistake," Mountain Dew tweeted. "Help us fill this special edition by telling us all the things you love about the Upper Peninsula (note to yourself: located in MICHIGAN)."

The company is now adding the upper peninsula to its special edition # DEWnited campaign. It rewards drinkers with $ 100 if they collect bottles from all 50 states.

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