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Sony no longer sells PS4 digital game codes on retail, but GameStop does not seem to care

Since last month, it turned out that Sony would no longer offer PS4 game codes to dealers such as GameStop and others who started April 1. The idea followed that GameStop and other affected brick shops would get a hit as a result. Although it is too early to say for sure, GameStop believes Sony's move will not have much negative impact.

Speaking on a revenue call today, GameStop CFO Rob Lloyd, who was involved in discussions with Sony about the change, was saying that the majority of digital games purchased at GameStop are actually from point cards, not complete download codes.

"Most of the sales of full download download … on retail come in the form of currency," he said. "So the move of Sony to return to the currency model, we do not expect it to have a significant impact on our performance because we continue to sell that currency."

GameStop is uniquely positioned to sell virtual currency thanks to its buy-sell-trade model, Lloyd said. He also said buying virtual currency at a physical retailer is also attractive to people who want to spend money or those who are unwilling or unable to use a credit card on the internet to buy directly from Sony or theoretically other digital stores. [1

9659002] Sony has just stopped delivering full-game codes to GameStop and other retailers on April 1, so it's probably too early to say whether the change will actually have any significant impact on the bottom lines of the affected retailers.

GameStop recently reported revenue for the fourth quarter and all year, and it could have been better. for the whole year, GameStop lost $ 673 million. The dealer also said that it expects the next generation consoles to be announced or released soon.

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