Yesterday night many people woke up to strange text messages from friends, family, ex-partners and even the deceased who was originally sent on February 14, 2019 who never reached them before. Among some subsequent positive and fun conversations, there was also rebellion and heartbeat. The problem appears to stem from a misconfigured system used by all major US carriers and some Canadian carriers, affecting any mobile operating system and even Google Voice.

Two of our team members also woke up to such messages. While it was quite mild cases, the conversation quickly became confusing and I would not imagine receiving a message from or about a deceased friend or family member, which happened to someone. Others suspected that someone hacked or forged their phone numbers and sent messages to other people on their behalf.

Left: The February 14 messages are delivered to the recipient. Mid: The sender cannot see their own February 14 messages. Right: Proof that the messages were actually sent on February 14.

It seems like a third party company called Syniverse is wrong. A Redditor working for another company involved in the process says it found hundreds of texts transmitted around 1:14 PST, all originally sent Feb. 14, and came from Syniverse's servers. The thing is that SMS should not be stored for long, so that the company can meet lawsuits in the future.

Gizmodo received the following statement from Syniverse: "During an internal maintenance cycle last night, 168,149 previously unread text messages were inadvertently sent to several mobile operators' subscribers." to ensure that this will not happen again.