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Solana changes Twitter name to Solano after Bitcoin Maxi Jack Dorsey misspelling chain

Interruption and safety assessments can break Solana’s bones, but words will never hurt it. And Solana has a sense of humor.

The Layer-1[ads1] blockchain has jokingly renamed itself Solano on Twitter after Jack Dorsey misspelled the name of the cryptocurrency in a Twitter thread.

Dorsey, a noted Bitcoin maximalisthas routinely mocked all cryptocurrencies and chains except Bitcoin as inferior and unreliable. On Friday, the Twitter co-founder arrived announced the Block subsidiary TBD’s intention to create Web5, an “extra decentralized” platform built on top of the Bitcoin blockchain to remedy what Dorsey sees as Web3’s failure to protect users’ privacy and personal data. Web3 is an abbreviation for the next iteration of the internet that runs on blockchains.

When Dorsey formulated the need for a so-called “Web5”, Dorsey specifically stated Web3’s current reliance on blockchains with single point of error, such as Ethereum and Solana. But he misspelled Solana as “Solano”.

An innocent mistake, perhaps? Or a schoolyard tactic to degrade an enemy whose name you do not have time to remember?

In any case, Solana could not miss the opportunity to turn the call into a viral moment.

Shortly after Dorsey’s tweet on Friday, Solana changed her Twitter display name to Solano. Crypto Twitter quickly grabbed the chain’s embrace of Dorsey’s diss, with many now calling it “Solano” to continue the joke.

Solana’s co-founder Anatoly Yakovenko has become known for not holding back when it comes to speaks on behalf of the company.

Solana’s website still refers to the blockchain with the original name, but it will be fun to see how long Solana keeps the name change on Twitter.

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