So much for the earnings decline

Some analysts believe that profits may not fall at all in the first quarter, a welcome shift from the doomsday scenarios investors once were fretting about. S & P 500 revenues have not fallen during the quarter during mid-2016.

At the beginning of last year's results quarter, Wall Street analysts expected a 2.5% decline in earnings per share, according to Credit Suisse. From Friday morning, this estimate had climbed into a positive territory.

Earnings accounts that exceed expectations (analysts usually set the bar low), S & P 500 profits are likely to increase by 2.5% to 3% by the end of the earnings season, Credit Suisse estimates.

This reversal helped drive the shares higher. S & P 500 and Nasdaq notched record high last week. And Dow is not far behind. All three main indices are up with two digits in 201[ads1]9.
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That's no fluke. We are well into the earnings season: S & P 500 companies that have already reported income account for half of the index's value. The results have been impressed so far.

Almost 80% of companies reported bottom line results that exceeded Wall Street's expectations, above the three-year average of 71%, according to Credit Suisse.

Wall Street is not out of earnings problems yet, though.

A long list of business candidates is scheduled to turn revenue this week, led by Apple ( AAPL ] Alphabet ( GOOGL ) ( GM ) ] ( GE ) McDonald's ( MCD ) and Under Armor (] UA )

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