Snapchat will soon allow you to put songs directly in your stories: Report

Snapchat is in talks with major music companies for licensing.

Reports from Variety currently indicate that Snapchat is working on playing its music game. According to the news release, the company is in the midst of negotiations with three powerful music companies, Sony Music Entertainment, Universal Music Group and Warner Music Group, to obtain song catalog licensing to use in the Snapchat app. As such, the latter would be so it is no longer necessary to play a song during another app, so it takes part in a snap story. The move will allow users to pick music from the Snapchat app itself to add to their stories.

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By doing this, Snapchat will be similar to the ByteDances Tik Tok app similar to its predecessors, and Facebook does . Furthermore, Snapchat will only be just looking to acquire the rights of certain songs for these particular purposes. And while Snapchat previously collaborated with music companies such as SiriusXM's Pandora for direct access to music, the latter was only made available to Premium Pandora subscribers. Furthermore, the short film and image application in no way attempts to build a music streaming service such as Spotify or Apple music.

Further details on this are expected later, but there have yet to be any comments from Snapchat representatives.


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