Skoda Mountiaq Pickup Truck Empty As Once [UPDATE]

[UPDATE, May 27] Skoda has dropped new pictures of its pickup truck based on Kodiaq's large SUV. The final will be called "Mountiaq."

The last time Skoda had a pickup on sale was in 2001 during the last year of the lost, but not forgotten Felicia. Before you get your hopes too high for a new truck from Mladá Boleslav, this utilitarian Kodiaq is nothing more than a concept car provided by 35 students from the Skoda Mechanical Engineering School. It is the sixth vehicle to be developed by the talented students and the first one based on the large SUV.

The vibrant orange shade of the final project reminds Felicia Fun, a lifestyle-oriented version of the pickup truck available in Western Europe towards the end of Felicia's life cycle. In the picture below, the peculiar special edition had the back seat that went into the cargo bed. Skoda does not say that the new two-door Kodiaq pickup has that function, but we would like to see it make a comeback for this unique project.

Skoda fans know this will not be the first truck to be built by Skoda students who Funstar concept from 2015 was a Fabia supermini turned into a two-seater with a small bed. Other exceptions introduced in recent years included the Citigo-based CitiJet convertible, Rapid Spaceback-based Atero Coupe, Citigo-based Element electric buggy and last year's Sunroq – a convertible four-door Karoq. As with all previous concept cars, the Kodiaq pickup truck will remain a one-time deal to show what Skoda students are able to do when they have the freedom to experiment.

The official revealing Skoda sixth student car is slated for June and the project has full support for Skoda's design and engineering teams.

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