Skai may be the first fuel cell-powered flying taxi

The design can also catch people's eyes. The six-engine design was created by BMW's Designworks and presents a bottom garment that gives passengers a clear view. And yes, security is a concern. There are several redundant systems (including fuel cells) and a pilot screen. Initial versions will be piloted, but autonomy is on the cards.

There is a lot of optimism that is inherent to the project. There are plans for test aircraft, but practical service must wait until the authorities offer regulatory approval. Hydrogen infrastructure is also a problem. CEO Steve Hanvey told AP that he thought it could take a decade or more before taking a flying taxi across the city. You can see alternative uses, such as air ambulances and cargo transport.

With that said, this can be more appealing to cities than other airborne taxis. It would allow more (and longer) flights as existing electric-only designs. It can not only help cities meet higher demand but reduce the cost of flying through pure economies of scale.

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