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Six Super Bowl Food Recipes

When it comes to the Super Bowl, there are two types of people, those involved in watching the big game to show athletic skill and those in it for culinary goods.

There's nothing wrong with being glued to the television when touchdowns are scored, footballs are canceled and quarterbacks are kicked, as that is the main purpose of the national play. But for the millions of food fans in America, there is something as exciting about being glued to the snack table as the buffalo chicken sizzles, meatballs suck in tomato sauce and the smell of wings wafts through the air.

Whether you're headed to a Super Bowl clothing party for football or food, labeling rules dictate that proper decor is bringing food or drink with you. While picking up a beer or a bottle of wine, it is incredibly satisfying to spend the entire football game being burned with compliments about something you've done.

Devoting a Super Bowl large amount does not cost much money or time, and one of the best parts about football math is being able to do it in advance so you can get home to a clean kitchen. That way, if your team wins, you can celebrate and celebrate, if your team loses you have room to mourn, or if you don't care about the outcome of the game, you can just sleep.