Shocking moment male aviation officer stops female employee outside passenger plane

THIS is the troublesome moment when a male pilot pilot stops a female employee ex outside a passenger plane.

CCTV footage shows Republic Airways staff William Thomas, 36, throws two brutal punches at Marisha Sporer, 29.

   CCTV footage shows a male pilot throwing two brutal punches at a female colleague
CCTV footage shows a male pilot throwing two brutal punches against a female colleague Credit: FlyerTalk
   William Thomas was seen throwing two punches at Marisha Sporer, according to Denver Police
William Thomas was seen throwing two punches Marisha Sporer, according to Denver Police Credit: FlyerTalk

The clip – taken from the flight website FlyerTalk – was filmed on September 14 shortly after the flight landed at Denver Airport.

Both Thomas and Sporer had been in an intimate relationship – but had just broken up, TMZ reported.

A row broke out between the two over what Spores looked at Thom as, "according to ABC News.

During the layover stop, Thomas is filmed and walked toward the plane along the jet bridge.

He is then seen a sudden turnaround against Spores standing outside the flight door. [19659014] William Thomas, the male confidant arrested for domestic violence "class =" lazyload "data-src =" 2019/10 / flyertalk4.png "data-credit =" Denver Police "data-sizes =" (max-width: 375px) 335px, (max-width: 520px) 480px, 620px "data-img =" https: // "data-srcset =" /2019/10/flyertalk4.png?w=335 335w, 480w, https://www. / wp-content / uploads / 2019/10 / flyertalk4.png? w = 620 620w, png? w = 670 670w, nt / uploads / 2019/10 / flyertalk4.png? w = 960 960w, 1240w, https: // 1005w, /flyertalk4.png?w=1440 1440w, 1860w, .uk / wp-content / uploads / 2019/10 / flyertalk4.png? w = 1340 1340w, 1920 1920w, 2480w "src =" data: image / svg + xml,% 3Csvg xmlns = " "viewBox =" 0 0 0.7 1 "% 3E% 3C / svg% 3E" />

William Thomas, the male trustee arrested for domestic violence Credit: Denver Police
   Marisha Sporer was seen on the clip that put a snap on Thomas & # 39; s face
Marisha Sporer was seen in the clip that snatched on Thomas & # 39; # 39; face. Credit: Denver Police
   Republic Airways employees have both been fired, says the airline
. , said the airline

After making a gesture towards her, Sporer responds by slapping Trustee Thomas in the face.

In a rage, Thomas then swings two blows at the woman – connecting with both jabs.

One hit lands on the Sporer stoma ch while the other hits the side of the head.

She is then seen picking up her ribs and head when she reaches a cellphone.

Sporer became angry and boarded the plane to confront Thomas

Denver Police

The Denver Police Department has arrested both Thomas and Sporer for domestic violence offenses, TMZ said.

An arrest statement said: "Spores got angry and went on the plane to confront Thomas.

" Spores grabbed Thomas by the collar and hit him in the face with an open hand three times.

"Thomas retaliates by grabbing Spores and punching her in the ribs with a closed fist."

The layover flight – which had no passengers on board at the time of the crash – was later delayed until the following day.

In a statement, the Republic of Airways said both employees were fired shortly after the fight.

A spokesman said: "We are aware of a situation that happened last month involving two of our employees.

" We investigated this matter and took appropriate action in in accordance with our belief that such behavior is unacceptable.

"These people are no longer employed in the Republic."

   The strike broke out on a jet bridge at Denver airport last month
The strike broke out on a jet bridge at Denver airport last month [19659005] Credit: Few resort – Contributor
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