See The New Corvette C8 Do 194 MPH In Top Speed ​​Run

Top speed driving is a big deal for supercars – and more importantly, having a video that supports the requirement is just as important as the number. In fact, Bugatti Chiron Sport has recently been featured by the Top Gear in its own top speed race, albeit in VW's test track, and hits the electronically limited top speed of 261 miles per hour (420 kilometers per hour)

2020- However, Corvette Stingray is not about to allow the declared top speed of 192 km / h to flow without any video to back up the claim.

In a video recorded during a presentation at the National Corvette Museum's 25th anniversary, Corvette's Chief Engineer Tadge Juechter presented a short video of the mid-engine C8 on its top speed driving. The entire video at the top of this page was more than an hour long, but you can jump right into the action at 1:00:00 by pressing the play button.

On the video you could see the test driver and his passengers with all the instruments used to measure the Corvette C8's real flat-out power. As explained by Juechter, Corvette Stingray's top speed driving was measured using accurate GPS units, plus the number declared 194 km / h (312 km / h) was an average of one mile (both ways) for a more realistic number. The top speed run was performed on the Papenburg test track in Germany.

It is noted that the Corvette Stingray tested above was the 490 hp (365 kW) input model without the Z51 Performance Package since the extra downforce on this option replaces the extra 5 hp (3.7 kW), and lowering the top speed to 186 mph ( 296 km / h).

With that in mind, at a base price of $ 58,900, a true 194 mph (312 km / h) isn't a bad deal at all. Not bad.

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