SE: Fast-thinking workers stop the wagon from getting out of control at O'Hare

CHICAGO – A potentially dangerous situation at O'Hare Airport on Monday was hampered by quick-thinking ramp workers.

Dr. Kevin Klauer took video of a caterer who had no driver and literally spun out of control near an American Airlines flight.

Klauer told WGN News that a case of water fell from the seat of the wagon and landed on the gasoline pedal.

A third worker begins operating a motorized vehicle nearby and plows into it outside the wagon to stop it.

No serious injuries were reported and the carriage was stopped before it appeared to damage the nearby aircraft.

19659002] American Airlines issued a statement Monday night saying:

American Airlines is investigating an incident involving a truck this afternoon at Chicago's O & Hare International Airport. Preliminary reports indicate that the accelerator pedal was stuck and caused the food truck to lose control. No members of American Airlines were injured and the incident resulted in a 1[ads1]0 minute delay. We appreciate the prompt action from our team member who stopped the vehicle. Safety is our top priority, and we work with our partners to investigate the incident.


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