Scotch whiskey pods: A modern tour of the traditional cocktail


Scotch whiskey is no longer bound by bottles. Glenlivet, a nearly 200-year-old traditional distillery, now puts cocktails in edible capsules.

The product – a small, square, edible bag filled with whiskey – is only released for a limited time as part of this year's London Cocktail Week which runs from October 4 to October 13.

Glenlivet "Capsule Collection" was developed using technology from sustainable packaging company, Notpla. The company uses seaweed as a base for its "Ooho" beverage package. It calls the biodegradable package "ideal for on-the-go consumption."

The Capsule Collection offers three flavors: citrus, wood and spice flavors made by award-winning bartenders and co-owners of Tayer, according to Scotsman Food and Drink.

These cocktails use whiskey from the Distillery's Founder Reserve, which is a single painted Scotch made from "time-honored distillation methods" that Glenlivet founder George Smith introduced "long ago." In this new drink alternative, Glenlivet combines its traditional whiskey with a modern method of drinking beverages.

According to Food & Wine, the Glenlivet capsules have not yet been approved in the United States, but there may be changes in the near future.


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