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Teslas is an incredible dating store, stores large data on their owners, including videos of crashes, location history, contacts and calendar entries from paired phones, driver photos, and passengers taken with internal cameras and other data; This data is stored without encryption, and it is not always clear when Teslas collects data, and the only way to completely shut down the data collection also disables software updates for the air that have historically been provided with Restricted or Buggy features that needed over-the-air updates to fix them.

Tesla has a story of being secret about the data its cars collect, fighting customers' attempts to recover data from their cars, and selling a special cable needed to access limited car telemetry for $ 995. Tesla employees told CNBC that the company is using telemetry to secretly identify Tesla owners who are thinking or investigating their cars and flagging them for late software updates.

Two pseudonymous security researchers called GreenTheOnly and Theo recovered "hundreds" of destroyed Teslas from scrappers and junkyards and systematically examined the data that remained on the cars. Much of the data that these junk Teslas stores are not unique – other manufacturers' "smart" car systems store mountains of data from the driver's cab in clear (this is especially a problem for rental and fleet vehicles, which retrieve data from many different drivers). But Tesla stores more data than its competitors, and goes beyond other manufacturers in disinfecting independent security research through its alleged blacklisting system; The fact that Tesla also runs a robust insect amount system shows a deep ambivalence about independent investigation of its products.

But GreenTheOnly and Theo noted that in Teslas, dashboard cameras and selfie cameras can record while the car is parked, even in your garage, and there is no way for an owner to know when to do so. The cameras enable desirable functions such as "sentry mode". They also allow wipers to "see" raindrops and turn on automatically, for example.

GreenTheOnly explained, "Tesla is not super transparent about what and when they register and store on internal systems. You can opt out of any data collection. But then you lose [over-the-air software updates] and a bunch of other functionality. So, understandably, No one does, and I accepted it too.

Tesla cars retain more data than you think, including this video of a model 3 crash [Kate Fazzini and Lora Kolodny/CNBC]

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