Save a lot on Samung, LG, Vizio and more (Live updates)

Save a lot on Samung, LG, Vizio and more (Live updates)

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It’s Black Friday, the biggest shopping day of the year. Major retailers such as Amazon, Best Buy, Target, Walmart and Samsung have massively branded top sellers from some of the best brands our TV experts have tested.

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We have received excellent offers on budget-friendly TVs from major manufacturers such as TCL, Vizio, Hisense, Samsung and LG, as well as premium OLED and QLED TVs from LG, Vizio, Samsung and Sony.

Black Friday: When do stores open for Black Friday deals? See opening hours for Walmart, Kohl̵[ads1]7;s, Target, Costco and more

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Update 10:49 PM EST: We’ve been tracking the best TV deals all week, and we’ve seeing more deals coming online today as it’s Black Friday. We will add new offers, remove dead and update any price changes throughout the day. Good hunt! -Michael Desjardin, reviewed

The best Black Friday TV deals

There are lots of excellent Black Friday deals you can get on big and small TVs. We have tried to highlight a wide range of prices here from retailers from Amazon, Best Buy, Walmart and directly from Samsung.

The best deals we’ve found so far are probably these four, but check out the complete list of deals (organized by your retailer) to see which ones work best for you:

The best Samsung TV deals available now:

These are the best Samsung Black Friday TV deals.

The best Amazon TV deals available now:

These are the best TV deals you can get from Amazon.

The best Best Buy TV deals available now:

These are some of the best TV deals you can get from Best Buy.

Top Walmart TV Deals Available Now:

Walmart Black Friday TV deals are here - and they're huge.

The best Target TV deals available now:

TCL offers ultra-clear images and quality sound with its TVs.

Is Black Friday a good time to buy a TV?

In a word, yes. You will see some of this year’s biggest price drops on TVs during Black Friday. This is because the manufacturers are preparing to launch their new 2022 models, which means that they will offer big discounts on older models, including those from 2021, confirmed Michael Desjardin, senior TV writer at Reviewed. Some of the best TVs we’ve seen this year have already dropped in price, and in some cases the discounts are high, as much as $ 800 off, depending on the TV’s brand, features, size and model year.

What are the best TVs to buy?

Desjardin says his first piece of advice to customers when choosing a TV on Black Friday is to make an overview of what you are looking for and how much you are willing to spend.

He notes that any TV worth the salt these days will be a smart TV, which means it can be connected to the internet to offer access to a variety of apps, such as Netflix and YouTube, via pre-installed software. “Even the most affordable TVs are smart TVs these days,” he added, “so there’s really no point in trying to find a TV that is not a smart TV.”

When it comes to screen size, Desjardin said consider how far away you want to sit from the TV. “Do you, your family and your guests want to sit relatively far away from your new TV – for example, more than eight feet? In that case, you will probably want to secure a 65- to 75-inch TV. Small TVs – 32 to 43 inches – best suited for kitchens, dormitories and guest rooms. » One thing to note: If you choose a large TV and you do not plan to mount it on the wall, he said, make sure the console is wide enough to accommodate the stand.

Where you place your TV will also affect your purchase: If your living space receives lots of natural light during the day, consider a brighter LED TV, while if you are a video file that sees a lot of content in the dark, you may want to use an OLED. You can read about the differences in our OLED / QLED guide.

Still not sure where to start? We have you: We have thoroughly tested TVs in our laboratory in Cambridge, MA, and we have collected the best TVs from 2021 to help you with your search. Check out our coverage of the best TVs of 2021, Best TVs under $ 500 of 2021 and Best TVs with big screens under $ 1000 of 2021.

Which TV brand is best?

We test thousands of TVs in our laboratories in Cambridge, MA to find the best TVs possible, including all major releases from all major brands such as Samsung, LG, Sony, Vizio, TCL, Hisense and more. There is no brand that is the “best” TV brand, every single one of these brands makes some TVs we strongly recommend and some that we do not.

Which TV should I buy?

There are many things to consider when buying a TV. We try to highlight a number of the best TV deals that go into Black Friday, but there are still some decisions you should make before deciding which deal is best for you.

The most important features to consider are the TV size, screen type, refresh rate, number of HDMI ports, any gaming features and features that will work well with the streaming TV apps you prefer to use, such as Netflix, Disney +, Amazon Prime Video and Apple TV +.

For size, the standard these days is 55 inches. It is the most common size across TV manufacturers and types, and it is usually where you will find the best deals. You can find an excellent 55-inch TV for $ 300 and under on Black Friday. If you have the wall space, a 65-inch TV gives you a little more property, and usually the price difference is less significant on Black Friday and Cyber ​​Monday.

If you want a massive TV, you probably have to pay a little more money, since they are less common, although we have many offers on TVs that are 80 inches or larger. Although it may be on a TV that is a traditional LCD or LED TV instead of the newer QLED or OLED TVs.

Should You Buy Black Friday TV Deals?

Trying to weigh future price drops and availability now can be daunting. However, some retailers offer insurance through a Black Friday warranty. What it means: “If you happen to buy a new TV in the weeks leading up to Black Friday and the same model gets a discount shortly after purchase,” Desjardin said, “the dealer can refund you for the difference.”

Best Buy, for example, guarantees that if the price goes down on a qualifying item, it will automatically refund the difference to members My Best Buy and Best Buy Totaltech ($ 199.99 per year). Non-members can also get a refund of the price difference, but must visit a Best Buy store or contact customer service to receive it.

Continued shortages of supply and labor this year have meant that post-supply and delivery times for all products have been challenged. Customers who have specific models in mind, or who want to deliver within a certain date, should consider buying products with that in mind.

Who has TV offers for Black Friday?

All the major retailers have offers for Black Friday, including Amazon, Best Buy, Target and Walmart. Many of the biggest brands, such as Samsung, offer great deals directly on their own websites.

OLED TV vs QLED TV: What’s the difference?

Credit: Reviewed / Jackson Ruckar Since the LG C1 is an OLED TV, it may not be nearly as bright as a traditional LCD / LED TV like the QN90A, but it is capable of perfect black levels, creating a dizzying amount of picture details .

Two terms you will see thrown around a ton on Black Friday are “QLED” and “OLED” TVs. Both terms describe the type of screen that the TVs use. OLED TVs are the more technologically advanced of the two, with each pixel giving its own light. This means that they can produce true black colors (similar to the image quality benefits you got with older plasma screens with far fewer drawbacks) to go with excellent brightness, color depth, HDR and more. Although you have to find one that fits your budget and size needs, every OLED TV we have tested has been excellent.

QLED TVs come in a wide range of quality levels, but usually these are brighter, more colorful versions of traditional LED TVs, which use quantum dots to provide improved color, contrast and brightness. They do not have the same ink colors as OLED TVs, but they usually outweigh it with much higher peak brightness levels, making them a good choice for bright rooms.

Roku TV vs Google TV vs Smart TV platforms? Which is best for streaming?

It is almost impossible to buy a “stupid” TV anymore; they all come with some sort of smart platform. LG comes with webOS, Samsung TVs usually have a Tizen-based platform, Sony TVs often have Android TVs, and several others have Google TV, Roku TV or Amazon’s Fire TV platform built-in.

In all cases, you can still use a separate power device such as a Roku or an Apple TV, just connect it to one of the TV’s HDMI ports and you can ignore the TV’s built-in option.

That said, if you do not have a power unit or you buy a TV for a bedroom or a secondary room, it is an added benefit to have something like Roku built-in so you do not have to spend the extra $ 20-30 to add a stick or something to get apps like Netflix on these TVs.

Are Black Friday TV deals the lowest prices of the year?

In most cases, yes. Although the supply chain has made 2021 one of the strangest years to buy a TV, this is usually when you find the best deal on a TV of any size.

The only exception will be doorbuster deals from brands such as Sharp, Westinghouse, Onn, Insignia and some very low level TVs that have large discounts at retailers. Some of these TVs are decent for the price (especially if you want a 50-inch or larger TV at a very low price), and we include the offers where we watch them, but in most cases these are limited TVs. one not worth the deal.

You can almost always find a TV we actually recommend for the same price or a little more – including 50-inch and 55-inch TVs for $ 200 or less – and they are made from brands we know and trust.

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Prices were accurate at the time this article was published, but may change over time.

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