Samsung forecasts massive Q1 decline in earnings, still earning $ 5.5 billion in three months

Samsung is not only the world's best smartphone provider, but also the number one chipmaker and the largest TV producer out there. In spite of all these incredible achievements and superiority over several branches of the technology industry, the company looks set to go through some of a rough patch.

Although we obviously are not talking about that kind of problem, LG or Sony's mobile divisions have been facing a number of years now, it is absolutely worrying when quarterly earnings go down 60 percent over 12 months. Samsung's Q1 2019 financial performance is not yet in place, but if today's earnings guidance exits (which usually seems to be the case), consolidated sales for this January-March timeframe will circle 52 trillion Korean won, with an operating profit of around 6 , 2 trillion wins.
These figures are roughly $ 45.7 billion and $ 5.5 billion today, and are quite unfavorable to over $ 60 trillion in revenue, and nearly $ 1[ads1]6 billion this year reported this year's 2018 first-quarter quarter. The calculated sales and result points for the quarter were also 12 and 42 per cent respectively, from the fourth quarter of 2018, which was hardly rated as a good quarter for Samsung.
Until the technology giant publishes the final details for 2019's first 90 days later, breaking down the results after individual business, we can make several educated guesses about what went "wrong" this past quarter. Firstly, the company's global smartphone shipments have fallen for a few quarters, and the Galaxy S10 family was probably released a little too late to reverse this trend. Or perhaps the latest flagships aren't significantly more popular than their predecessors.
Meanwhile, it is important to point out that Samsung's semiconductor business proved to be the most profitable among its various branches in the past and lost some steam as the demand for memory cards continued to fall. Samsung basically sells its chips to all major smartphone providers today, so the downturn in the market has affected the company in a number of ways. Last but not least, weak iPhone sales probably took a toll on Samsung's economy from an OLED display supply perspective as well. Of course, at the end of the day quarter, Korea-based tech giant still earned $ 5.5 billion, which is certainly not something to savor.

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