Sale of plastic bottles prohibited at San Francisco airport

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Published 9:13 PM ET August 2, 2019



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SAN FRANCISCO (AP) – San Francisco International Airport bans the sale of disposable plastic bottles.

The outstanding move at one of the largest airports in the country will take effect August 20, the San Francisco Chronicle reported Friday.

The new rule will apply to airport restaurants, cafes and vending machines. Travelers who need clean water must purchase refillable aluminum or glass bottles if they do not bring them.

As a department of the San Francisco Municipal Council, the airport follows an ordinance approved in 2014 that prohibits the sale of plastic water bottles on city-owned property.

San Francisco International Airport prohibits the sale of disposable bottles of water from August. 20. (Photo: Eric Risberg, AP)

The shift away from plastic is also part of a broader plan to reduce net carbon emissions and energy use to zero and eliminate most of the garbage dump by 2021, airport spokesman Doug Yakel said .

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If you check in at the Holiday Inn and just love the mini shampoo bottles they have … well, this may be some bad news.

However, given the approximately 4 million plastic water bottles sold per year at the airport, it may be more difficult for suppliers to comply with the water bottle ban.

Whether vendors that do not comply will be punished is unclear, but Yakel said the airport hopes "will not be necessary."

SFO suppliers are already required to offer only disposable compostable food, including two-containers, spice packs, straws and utensils. [19659008] Shops at airports have readily adapted to these requirements because of the increased availability of suppliers producing such products, said Michael Levine, CEO of the company that oversees Napa Farms Market, a store that sells roof-and-walk price in Terminal 2 and International Terminal G.

"But the impact of the water bottle is a little more difficult," he said.


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