S & P Ends Higher Than Trump Attempts to Ease Trade Jitters by

© Reuters. – S & P 500 ended higher Friday when President Donald Trump offered some hope for a quick solution to the US and China trade war, but a warning from Beijing that it is not about to launch further countermeasures against Washington, held winnings in check.

It achieved 0.14%. It rose 0.11% and increased 0.37%. But many have warned against reading too much into the Haitian day on Wall Street, as the markets were thin on the Memorial Day weekend.

"If we made an appointment, I could imagine that Huawei might be included in some form Trump said, according to Reuters.

But Trump didn't completely shut the door to renew Huawei's restrictions and said that The Chinese technology giant was "very dangerous" from a security perspective.

Earlier this week, the US Commerce Department rolled back some of the restrictions imposed on Huawei for 90 days.

China has also made a mixed trade announcement with China Ambassador to the United States, Cui Tiankai, who tells Bloomberg News on Friday that while continuing to favor a trade agreement with the United States, it is also clear to start a response to Washington for its ban on Huawei.

"Trade deals On mutual benefit, war is about mutual destruction. How can you put these two very different concepts into one? M? "Cui said this morning.

In the ongoing commercial war, some analysts apparently leaned more towards a victory boy in China.

" There is little doubt left that Beijing will carefully orchestrate his retaliatory actions against the United States, possibly targeting the agricultural industry, high tech and even Wall Street, causing similar hardship on US investors and companies, to make Washington blink first, " Barclays (LON 🙂 said in a note.

Nevertheless, commercial industrial day ended higher, with Caterpillar (NYSE 🙂 and Boeing (NYSE :), bellwethers of international trade, closing 0.5% and 1[ads1], respectively Boeing was Dow's biggest percentage and biggest point gainer, contributing 29.5 points to Dow's 95-point win. Boeing's good day even came as Bloomberg reported that the SEC launched a probe on whether the aircraft pro the bounty had pronounced problems associated with the grounded 737 MAX jet liner, which was involved in two fatal crashes.

Beyond the trade, energy stores also increased the broader market thanks to a 1.2% increase in US oil prices, but it did little to stop outsourcing its biggest weekly decline this year among an increase in domestic inventories and weak global growth.

The positive turn in risk sentiment increased to 2,324

JPMorgan Chase (NYSE :), Goldman Sachs (NYSE 🙂 and Bank of America (NYSE 🙂 closed positive for the day.

In economic news, orders fell more than expected in April, pointing to underlying weakness in the demand for production, and raising fears of decline in the wider economy.

Top S & P 500 Gainers and Losers Today: Total System Services (NYSE :), Intuit [19659013] (NASDAQ 🙂 and CenturyLink ( NYSE 🙂 was among the best S & P 500 winners for the session.

Foot Locker (NYSE :), Autodesk (NASDAQ 🙂 and Baker Hughes (NYSE 🙂 were among the worst S & P 500 practitioners of the session.

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