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Richard Branson's Virgin Galactic sends first test passages on spaceflight

Two months after the introduction of the space shuttle, Virgin Galactics spacecraft Unity has done so again.

Virgin Galactic sent three people to Unity for the first time in Friday's supersonic test aircraft, which reached three times the speed of sound on its way up. Branson's spacecraft company CNBC that astronaut coach Beth Moses is on the company's spacecraft Unity, along with the two pilots.

"Beth Moses is on board as a crew member," a virgin galactic spokesman told CNBC. cabin design elements. "

This is the first time Virgin Galactic carried three people on its way to the edge of the room. Former test aircraft, the two pilots were the only ones in the spacecraft.

Virgin Galactic & # 39 ; spacecraft Unity holds up to six passengers along with the two pilots.When the company has more than 600, astronauts would be signed on to launch, Moses's work is the key to preparing Virgin Galactic for cow Virgin Galactic flights are priced at $ 250,000 each.

Pilots Dave Mackay and Michael "Sooch" Masucci also became astronauts, when the company said the test plane reached a height of 55.9 miles or nearly 90 kilometers. MacKay, Masucci and Moses are on a list of less than 600 people who have flown in the room.

The United States officially considers pilots flying over 80 kilometers to be astronauts. After Virgin Galactic's first successful spaceflight in December, the Department of Transportation awarded pilots Mark Stucky and CJ Sturckow with commercial astronauts – only the third and fourth such acclaimed private astronauts.

Unit also carried the NASA-found payload on this mission. During NASA's Flight Opportunities program, four experiments flew aboard the spacecraft. NASA said most of these same trials flew on Unity's first space flight, while two also launched on Blue Origins rocket test aircraft in January.

"Regular access to reduced gravity allows researchers to gather data needed to mature their technologies for deep space use," NASA said in a statement.

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