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Resolved] Google is in the midst of a massive interruption affecting Gmail, Disk, and some third-party services

In recent hours, there have been widespread reports of outbreaks associated with multiple Google services, including Gmail, Disk, Nest, Analytics, and Calendar. In fact, almost all of Google's service auctions are potentially affected by current statuses listed on the G Suite Status Dashboard. The problem seems to be regional, but with anecdotal reports indicating that not everyone is affected.

The down detector's live map shows that the problem seems to be most concentrated on the US east coast, with some reports it may also affect Eastern Europe, although there are several (and fewer) reports that other areas may also be affected.

Reported Gmail outbreak map on Down Detector at 05:04 ET.

Google's Cloud Status Dashboard also reports an ongoing issue, which may indicate a major problem with Google's Cloud, and which will later affect third-party services that use it. The problem can also be linked to a level 3 outcome, which appears to overlap the timing. Level 3 is a massive, business-friendly, wholesale provider used by many cloud hosting services.

According to Down Detector's live charts, this outbreak looks at piles of Shopify's third-party services to Vimeo and Snapchat. The odds are that if you have trouble connecting to a site or service right now, it is related to this massive, ongoing outbreak.

If and when we learn more, we will make sure to tell you.

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