Reservations for Taco Bell's hotels are sold within 2 minutes

If you are a Taco Bell super fan who wants to stay at the Mexican fast food chain's limited time, you are already late.

All available rooms were picked up only two minutes to make reservations. [19659002] The chain began reserving at 13:00 ET Thursday for about 70 rooms at its Palm Springs hotel.

Less than a minute after the booking went live, the website was already overwhelmed by the demand. Some users who tried to book a room received a message saying that the website was "higher than normal traffic" and "keeping your crossed fingers on the update button".

"Taco Bell fans are truly outstanding and today was one of the best expressions of that fandom yet," Taco Bell's chief Global Brand Officer Marisa Thalberg said in a statement.

Rooms started at $ 1[ads1]69 per night, with no minimum requirements Bell, who takes over the V Palm Springs Hotel, opens its doors on August 8 and closes on August 12.

Taco Bell expects a great demand for its hotel, and the chain's US president, Julie Fels's Masino, said only one corporate employee shop will win a coveted room as part of a customer service competition.

"We really try to make it a fan experience" Masino said in an interview last week.

Guests can look forward to tasting Taco Bells take on the V Palm Springs restaurant menu, created by Rene Pisciotti the same product developer who invented Nacho Fries. in Nacho Fries & Spices. Traditional Taco Bell favorites will also be available.

The Bell will also have a gift shop with exclusive Taco Bell themed clothing and an on-site salon with Taco Bell-inspired nail polish and hair styling. To extend the experience, hotel guests can expect performances from performance musicians, movie music with functionality and a salon inspired by Mountain Dew Baja Blast.

Taco Bell has a history of connecting with its customers through of experiences. Fans can get married in a Taco Bell-themed $ 600 ceremony at their Las Vegas Cantina flagship venue. In May, Taco Bell has registered over 165 couples. The brand has also teamed up with the fixed model retailer Forever 21 to sell clothing with their logo and images.

Mike Kelly, co-founder and CEO of State of Mind Partners, said a brand hotel would not be right for any fast food chain. But it suits Taco Bell, he said.

"I think there are certain brands that have this fan base, and they also have those crazy brands," Kelly said.

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