Real Apple, Don't Sell It – Stocks could have more upside

Apple rallied almost 5% on Wednesday, but CNBC's Jim Cramer said it could soon be even more up.

"That's why I always say it's own, don't act it," said the "Mad Money" host. "With this quarter we have another reason to stick to Apple, and even after today's awesome race, I think it will be a real bargain because of its embrace of the subscription economy."

Apple reported that iPhone Sales, historically the largest source of revenue, doubled 17% the following year. It said the trend could continue, but it didn't stop the stock's Wednesday match. Stocks from the iPhone manufacturer got $ 9.85 during the session and ended over $ 21[ads1]0.

Cramer said the company is going through a "paradigm shift" from being a unit manufacturer to a big-league provider.

In its second quarterly report, Apple revealed an installed 1.4 billion unit base. It gave 390 million paid subscribers, who could reach 500 million in the near future and turn over to $ 11.5 billion in high margin sales, he highlighted.

"The warehouse became fire today because it has become impossible to deny the power of that metamorphosis, Sa Cramer." When I say this is a paradigm shift, it means that within two years, this subscriber base will thoroughly define the way we judge Apple the file on. We are already well on the way to a world where the key metric is subs, not iPhone sales. "

Initially, most analysts covering Apple were uncertain that the technology giant rebranded itself as a service business, he reminded. The analysts were so focused on the iPhone that they didn't care about Apple's other fast-growing, durable products," he continued. 19659003] Over the years, the services continued their sales and management decided to embrace the segment, and in January, Apple reported some bad news to come ahead of the curve and revealed that they would stop revealing the number of units selling each quarter, as many saw as a terrible one. moves, Cramer said.

"In the future, it will be seen as a subscription company with an awesome razor / razorblade business model: the phones are the razor, the services are the magazine where they really make money," he says. "Before Apple started breaking out its service revenue, stocks tended to sell for about 11 times revenue. Now it sells for 16 times earnings because it has a better mix of businesses, both hardware and services."

The paradigm shift is still unfolding, and investors are still trying to break it, Carmer said.

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Traders working on the New York Stock Exchange.

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The big US indices all went down during the session when investors are starting to worry about the stock market being too strong for itself, Cramer said.

The Dow Jones Industrial Average hides around 163 points, while the S & P 500 and the tech-heavy Nasdaq Composite fell 0.75% and 0.57%, respectively.

"We've had an awesome race, so I bless you to make some sales tomorrow," said the host. "But other than that, I think we're in good shape. Somewhat overheated, most definitely, but I still think it makes sense to keep the course."

Dow Jones had the best four-month rally to start the year since it has been seen since 1987. Nasdaq had its best show in the same period since its big rally in 1999. No one wants 2019 to look like the two years, Cramer said .

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Juicy opportunity?

A package of Beyond Beef Crumbles appears for a photo in Tiskilwa, Illinois, April 23, 2019.

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Beyond Meat, the food company behind the meat-free Beyond Burger, is set to debut in the public market this week. Carmer said the shares are worth buying – at or below $ 35 per share.

The plant-based meat producer priced his shares at $ 25, up from the original $ 19 to $ 21 offer. The stock can increase to $ 30 when it starts trading, and investors should be cautious if it climbs over $ 35, he said.

"I think this is exactly the type of growth story that the stock market tends to love – in a year It has already been full of IPOs, Beyond Meat is the fastest producer among them," Cramer said. "I doubt there will be another lift, where revenue growth was already declining as the company came public."

The company reported a net loss of $ 29.9 million on revenue of $ 87.9 million in 2018.

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Infinite Learning

Dan Rosensweig, CEO, Chegg [19659003] Scott Mlyn CNBC

When Chegg's CEO Dan Rosensweig first appeared on "Mad Money" in early 2016, the shares traded at their all-time low below $ 4.

Fast forward three years later: the stock has matriculated to Wednesday's $ 34, 74 nearby

"The transformation started on this show," Rosensweig told Cramer.

Now, the textbook and educational platform is burning the public's eternal need to continue learning, according to the boss. More people need to learn, they have to learn more things more often, and they must continue to learn for their future and career, he said.

"We believe in believing in the inevitable," Rosensweig said. "And the answer is what we believe in all this."

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Cramers light round: The quarter won't be good, but buy this stock

In Cramer's lightning round, "Mad Money" hosts zips through his thoughts on caller's favorite stock of the day.

Kohl & # 39; s Corp: "Kohl is powered by the wonderful [CEO] Michelle Goss, who does a good job. There is no point. I know that quarter is not going so well, but I say [buy] . "

Exxon Mobile:" You're not going to be harmed with a 4% return that buys Exxon at those prices, but it's no longer my favorite. By the way, I think [CEO] Mike Wirth is working on a dynamite job at Chevron , although my friend [CNBC’s] David Faber made me feel like, "Wow, maybe they will come and bid on Anadarko after [Occidental] but I prefer Chevron to Exxon. "

Delta Air Lines Inc.:" It's a very cheap share at 8 times earnings. I'm not gonna tell you to call the registry I'll tell you it's cheap. "

Enlightenment: Cramer's charitable trust owns shares of Apple, Kohl and Anadarko.

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