Read Jamie Foxx Touching Post at & # 39; Jeffersons & # 39; Star Marla Gibbs after Live Remake

Jamie Foxx celebrated "The Jefferson's" star Marla Gibbs in an affected post published on Instagram on Friday. Foxx played George Jefferson in a live-special restoration of the iconic ABC show last week.

Gibbs made a surprising appearance during the event, which was a recovery of original episodes of "The Jeffersons" and "All in the Family."

"When I write this caption, tears well up in my eyes … thinking about entering the apartment and delivering the iconic lines, it meant how she entered all our lives over 40 years ago and changed us forever … with her fast white and sharp tongue, she challenged George and us as a society every day, "Foxx wrote in the post caption.

He continued: "She took a sign of service and turned it into a character of strength and honor … she made us laugh … she made us cry … with confidence and ease .. and she made us hurry on that TV with the knobs on it and tune into her soul. "

The special ABC song," Live in front of a study target group: Norman Lears & # 39; Everyone in the family & # 39; "The Jefferson's" was directed by James Burrows and host of Lear and Jimmy Kimmel.

Gibbs, who will be 88 next month, played especially Florence Johnston, the wisecracking housekeeper on "The Jeffersons", who made his debut in 1[ads1]975. Her surprise came during the ABC special, drew a loud bowl from the studio audience.

She replied to Foxx's praise in a message posted on her Instagram account on Friday.

"Jamie you are so sweet and talented, and I'm really moved by your kind words!" The post read. "I love you, my family loves you … and the world loves you! I'm also a fan of you, and I also appreciate your contribution as an extraordinary artist and human being."

Foxx's character laughter and applause from the live audience when he tripped over a line during the live special and said, "Stay. Anyone sitting at home just thinks their TV has just been destroyed. "

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