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Ray Dalio shares his deepest thoughts on a Reddit AMA

Have you ever wanted to ask a billionaire something? The Hedge Fund Founder Ray Dalio set a surprise for Reddit AMA on May 7, where he answered questions from Reddit users ranging from climate change to his favorite books.

Reddit users (or Redditors) are part of a large social networking site with a subreddit for almost everything. One of the most popular sub-sites is "/ r / IAmA", where celebrities and authorities in specific areas sit down for the digital equivalent of a radio program (AMA stands for "ask me something")

Dalio – who founded the world's largest Security Fund, Bridgewater Associates, in 1[ads1]975 – is a self-service billionaire with a net worth of $ 18.4 billion. He recently launched an app, Principles in Action, based on his 2017 bestseller "Principles", designed to advise on success in work and in life. Now, Dalio has decided to give out his life advice on the internet to anyone curious enough to ask.

Dalio opened the question and answer with a post that began: "I am Ray Dalio – founder of Bridgewater Associates. I am interested in how reality works and have principles to deal with it well – especially about life, work, finances and investments Ask me about these things – or something. "

Here are some highlights from this discussion:

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