Qualcomm Press Conference Live Blog (09:00 UTC)

4:00 AM EST – Hi everyone, today we are in place for Qualcomm's MWC keynote event.

4:00 AM EST – We expect talk about 5G and new WiFi solutions. 19659003] 4:00 AM EST – Introduction video on 5G connection.

04:01 EST – Cristiano Amon takes the stage.

04:03 EST – "Age of the Invention" Introduces New Breakthrough Technologies

04:03 EST – Make parallels to past industrial revolutions.

04:04 EST – 5G will bring a period of accelerated innovation

4:04 EST ] – "It was very clear that mobile broadband requires you to have a computer in your hands" [19659008] 4:05 EST – "First company that has a 1 GHz processor in your hands"

04:05 EST – Talk about the first 4G distributions and how Qualcomm anticipated the needs.

04:05 EST – AI Processing is the fastest growing silicon time. 19659012] 04:06 EST – Transition from cloud to edge is a transformative era.

4:06 EST – 5G is here now – Yesterday we saw a live 5G conversation between Xiaomi and Spain's Oranje network operator.

04:07 EST – The distribution begins around the world. – 4G was launched in 2009 10 years ago.

04:07 EST – Starting with mobile phones, but the potential is far beyond smartphones.

4:07 EST – Goes back to 2009 in the first year of the 4G launch. Verizon was the first.

4:08 EST – Four operators and 3 OEMs then.

4:08 EST – Today, over 20 operators have built networks and 20+ OEMs that have clear devices in the pipeline.

4:08 EST – "It is very clear to Qualcomm that the 5G transition will be faster than 4G"

4:09 EST – Notes last week's Samsung 5G launch.

4:09 EST – Global distribution in the US, Europe, China, Korea, sub-6GHz and mmWave.

04:10 EST

04:12 EST – "10 times the performance of 4G"

04:12 EST – 4 countries in Europe currently underway

04:12 EST – 4 countries in Europe currently pioneering the distribution.

04:12 EST – Bringing it to customers in Europe in the second half of 2019.

04:13 EST – "Easy process" in upgrading base stations, just adding a new radio and in some cases replace the BS node.

04:14 EST – "4G was the era of the smartphone" – 5G will start with mobiles but will be the era of IoT

04:14 EST – Back to Cristiano.

04:15 EST – "The y Ears of 855 Snapdragon"

04:16 EST – 30+ design wins for 855

04:16 EST – Correct chip set like Exceeds all mobile benchmarks, connectivity and leading AI capabilities

04:17 EST – Reach the chip's new AI features like the new HVX and new Tensor cores.

04:17 EST – First units available in Q2

04: 17:00 EST – "We see all regions of the world launching at the same time"

04:18 EST – This is taken from a mature market – with a clear understanding of smartphones.

04: 19:00 EST – 5G devices will be inefficient and powerful hungry – Introduction to new 5G PowerSave feature?

04:19 EST – This may be a brand name for Qualcomm's new RF energy efficiency features. [19659039] 04:20 EST – CDRX combined with a set of new technology

04:20 EST – (CDRX is a common 3GPP standard feat ure

04:20 EST – "Putting to rest industry concern for battery life"

04:21 EST – Switching to 5G new usecases and enhancements

04:21 EST

– 3x improvement in latency for sub-6GHz and up to 20x in mmWave

04:21 EST – 3x to 10x improvement in throughput (sub-6 and mmWave)

04:22 EST ] – Video streaming will be as easy as streaming music

04 : 23 EST – Google VP of Marketing Bob Borchers joins the scene.

04:25 EST – Talk about how Android is the foundation that allows the ecosystem.

04:28 EST – To cover how everyone was wrong about the first 5G smartphones

04:29 EST – Try them wrong via the Samsung Galaxy S10 5G that was released just one a few days ago

04:30 EST – Recovering last week's product messages like the new 5G X55 modem

04:32 EST – Read out the ads in our newsletter: https: //

04:32AM EST – The X55 devices are expected to be sent late 2019.

04:33 EST – Advertising of a new Snapdragon platform with integrated 5G modem

04:33 EST – Announces next year's Snapdragon SoC.

04:34 EST – The timing of sampling should be relatively in line, perhaps quarter past earlier than last generation SoCs.

04:35 EST – Samsung's SVP and Technological Strategy Strategy, Dr. June Hee Lee Stages [19659057] 04:36 EST – Congratulations Qualcomm with the introduction of 5G and will deliver products with the chips in close range future.

04:37 EST – "Samsung is at the forefront of bringing 5G from concept to product"

04:37 EST – Samsung has been leading for several years now with regard to mmWave implementation [19659060] 04:38 EST – Galaxy S10 5G running on a 5G network opens new possibilities

04:40 EST – "5G changes everything because of its latency and density"

04: 43 EST – Now switching to 5G distribution

04:45 EST – WiFi 6 announcements from Qualcomm

04:46 EST – Small cells will play a much larger role

04 : 46AM EST – Rakuten 5G network deployment will be accelerated through small cells

04:46 EST – Using the Qualcomm FSM platforms

04:47 EST – Fueling fixed wireless broadband [19659068] ] 04:48 EST – Announces the ability to support CPE distribution with Qualcomms chips

04:48 EST – Smartphone 20dBm mak simal effect – CPE has up to 40dBm

04:49 EST – An ability of the X55 chipset.

04:49 EST – New QCA6390 Wifi 6 (802.11ax) chipset

04:50 EST – R ead all about it in detail in our newsletter: https: //www.anandtech. com / show / 13993 / qualcomm-launches-the-qca6390-chipset-18-gbps-wifi-6-ready-with-bluetooth-51

04:52 EST – Work hard to bring release 16 market – expanding the 5G standard features

04:53 EST – Next year's press conference will cover the new industry innovations

04:53 EST – The new Snapdragon 8CX with the X55 modem gives a full 5G-connected PC.

04:54 EST – Lenovo builds a 5G PC with Snapdragon 8CX

04:55 EST – Rene Haas from Arm takes the stage

04:55 EST – Has the job with Qualcomm and Microsoft for some time to bring arm-PC to the market

04:59 EST – Talking about Microsoft's Holholens: -at-mwc-2019-hololens-2-and-azure-kinect

04:59 AM EST – Thank you Microsoft's use of Snapdragon 850. [19659081] 5:00 AM EST – Swiching to automotive – It is mobile but different

05:01 EST – Advertising of next generation car platform with 5G.

5:03 EST – "The next great opportunity is 5G IoT

5:04 EST – Many sensors create mission-critical data

5:04 EST – Qualcomm robot technology R2B- platform

5:05 EST – Bosch IoT director Andreas Mueller takes the stage

5:05 EST – Transition of the factory from the past to the future factory

5:09 EST – Boschs key aspects of industrial IoT applications

05:09 EST – Private networks and frequencies, low latency communication, service quality, time sensitive network and positioning

05:10 EST – Industrial IoT may be the killer's application for 5G

05:10 EST – Smartphones are a saturated market, the industry is different

05:11 EST [1 9459005] – A factory and a group of factories can be a network

05:11 EST – Big market potential worth billions of dollars

05:13 EST – That's it for Bosch

05: 14AM EST – Cristiano reiterates that there will be a much faster transition

05:14 EST – "The best years with Qualcomm are in front of us "

05:15 EST -" It's not just about the phones at MWC – it's all about doing everything in parallel "

05:16 EST – It's a package, thank you for being with us.

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