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MIAMI (CBSMiami / AP) – If you live in South Florida, chances are you have weighed yourself or seen someone, maybe even a family member weigh themselves or even weigh a heavy suitcase on a any number of Publix weights.

Well, now those who want to know if their large suitcases are overcrowded have to rely on their own weight. This is because the supermarket chain says that entry weights can become a thing of the past.

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The large, historic and industrial weights on the front pages of Publix Super Markets could land on the scrap heap of supermarket history one day, because the weight maker stopped making them, a Publix Facebook post reported recently.

At least one new store that recently joined the grocery chain̵[ads1]7;s Florida outlet opened without the weight. A colleague said that the new Publix located in the Shoppes of Golf Village near Boynton Beach does not have one.

“The manufacturer stopped production in 2015, which means that one day – even though our fantastic workshop will keep our remaining machines in good shape – the latest Publix scale will retire,” a Facebook post announced on 19 August.

The weights, shaped like “lollipops”, have been a Publix Super Market party for 81 years, the post explained. When they first appeared, first at the back of the store and later at the front doors, the household weights were large and too expensive to own. Most were weighed at the doctor’s office or Floridians went to Publix to check their weight. Over the years, the current weights are now four times larger and more expensive than the original counterpart.

George Jenkins has always been an innovator of supermarkets, and saw the lack of weighing machines as an opportunity to bring in customers.

On the blog, The Publix Checkout, a further story about the green scales was posted in 2016.

When Jenkins “founded Publix in 1930, he began to differentiate Publix from the competition by offering services and value to customers in things not seen in other grocery chains such as his” food palace “in 1940 equipped with air conditioners, frozen lunch boxes and many other innovations» , wrote blogger Aijana W.

“But there is an advantage to trading in Publix, which has been a part of the company since its inception and still is today: the weight. The difference with Publix scales? It was completely free for our customers,” the blogger wrote.

In a 1988 interview with Jenkins, the company’s founder said the weight “was very popular. Even then, people were conscious of their weight.” He added, more than 5 million customers weighed in at Publix’s during the first year of operation.

And it’s not just Publix writers who have pushed the doctrine of 2831 People Weigher by Mettler Toledo, which still produces other weighing systems for laboratories, industry and the grocery trade.

In a report from the Tampa Bay Times on May 30, 2018, the author noted that these relics from a bygone era have entertained and enchanted Floridians and tourists for decades.

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Some remembered childhood weights taken at Publix as milestones.

He added, others liked to announce their light weighing in public to anyone within earshot. And even visiting non-Floridians enjoyed the news on annual vacations. Others took to Twitter to question the accuracy of the weight after seeing their pounds appear on the large round dial.

Spata wrote: “In a 1988 issue of the 1988 Orlando Sentinel, author Donna Bouffard, with the help of store staff in Winter Park, identified seven recurring categories of weight users, including ‘pickpockets’ who set aside keys, change, and wallets; “bashfuls”, which extend far to ensure that no one sees; ‘jumpers’, who jump further in a single limit; and ‘mechanics’, which insists that this thing must be destroyed.

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“They all vote 30 years later,” employees say, adding a category: “footless,” or those who take off their shoes, and sometimes socks, “Spata wrote.

All the fun and pleasant – or unpleasant – memories of weight are not over yet.

The ritual of tipping the big green scale should remain a tradition for many Publix customers for some time across Florida. In the Publix operating area in seven states, only Florida ever had the weight, and as of September, Sunshine State has 828 Publix stores, about two-thirds of the outlet throughout the Southeast.

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Although many of them cannot be repaired, the weight from the original Winter Haven store at the company’s headquarters in Lakeland carries in a historical exhibit.

Publix representative Brian West told the Times, “For the foreseeable future, they will remain part of our Florida stores.”

Until they all disappear except for the original, Publix stored enough parts to keep the old ones on life support for as long as possible – so go on, but go easy.

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