Proud NSA hacking tools were used in nature 14 months before Shadow Brokers leak

  Headquarters of the National Security Agency of Fort Meade, Maryland.
Magnify / Head Office of the Security Agency in Fort Meade, Maryland.

On the most important events in data security came in April 2017, when a still unidentified group calling itself, Shadow Brokers sent out a trove of the National Security Agency's most sought after hacking tool. The leak and subsequent relocation of the exploits of WannaCry and NotPetya worms that turn off computers all over the world undoubtedly made the theft one of NSA's greatest operational errors ever.

Security company Symantec reported on Monday that two of the advanced hacking tools were used against a number of targets that started in March 201[ads1]6, fourteen months before Shadow Broker's leak. An advanced, persistent threat hacking group tracked by Symantec since 2010 has somehow accessed a variant of the NSA-developed DoublePulsar back door, and one of Windows exploits the NSA used for remote installation on targeted computers.

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