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President Trump's haters are hoping for a recession

Are Trump haters trying to cause a recession in the United States so that the president is not re-elected?

I'm not saying they're just hoping for a recession. It is obvious that the haters want it.

But are they trying to cause a recession?

Comedian and Trump ultra-hater Bill Maher has already spoken for his side. “We have survived many recessions. We cannot survive another Donald Trump era, "Maher is quoted.

You know what: Trying to cause a recession would actually be the most rational thing the president's opponents have tried. The problem is, this strategy doesn't seem to Not yet, at least.

I'll get into that a little bit.

But let's first go over the more irrational solutions that the President's opponents have considered or actually acted on.

Right after the election, Trump-haters floated these boxes: Get Electoral College voters to oppose states' wishes and hold Trump out of the presidency, and when that didn't work, they tried ̵

1; at least according to a wanted press – to get members of Trump's own cabinet to vote rejecting him unfit for office

Strike 2.

And of course, what was going on in the FBI and other intelligence agencies was spying on the Trump campaign and pulling dirty tricks before and after his election. [19659002] That didn't work either, and we'll find out more about what happened when a report of all this comes from Michael Horowitz, the Justice Department's inspector, sometime in the near future.

So it brings us back to the possibility – and to the haters, the last hope – that it will be a recession and that it will affect the next presidential election, which is a little more than a year away.

That said, this is not an irrational tactic to take against Trump.

Elections are largely won or lost on how finances do. And right now, while there's a lot of talk about a 2020 recession that will hurt Trump, that's really all it is – talk. And there is most talk in the media and among Democrats.

But this chatter causes Trump to raise the issue of a recession regularly to defend himself – which announces the possibility of an economic downturn even more.

You've probably heard that consumers control about 80% of the US economy. Downturns happen for many reasons – a failure of the Federal Reserve, financial problems abroad, careless lending by banks, a stock market crash, trade war and war wars.

Some of these things, and others, can cause a recession. But most of what I just mentioned has happened a few times over the last 10 years, and still it has not been a recession since the big one from 2007 to 2009.

But the quickest way to cause a recession is to kill consumer confidence. Without the consumer being willing to spend, the economy will go out.

This is where everything is talking about a recession. If the Trump haters in and outside the media can convince consumers that the next recession is just around the corner, the next recession may be just around the corner.

And luckily, the recession will happen just in time to be on the voter's mind when they decide to keep President Trump in office or kick him to cul-de-sac.

What the haters really need is that Americans forget all the irrational things they have already failed and focus only on the economy. "It's the economy, stupid," is a Bill Clinton campaign motto that needs to be revised.

But here's the problem. Although contributing to a recession may be rational for haters to do politically, there are many drawbacks.

The biggest thing is that voters can find out what the haters are doing and get pissed.

A recession will bring job losses. Will the American public blame the president, or can Trump blame his opponents?

And if this tactic is seen as just another dirty trick, it may take the Democrats a very long time to regain public support. [19659002] Trump certainly does not get the kind of economy he wanted and even predicted. But growth is still around 2% a year, roughly where it was during most of the Obama administration.

Unemployment for everyone is down. And people still use, as the latest retail shows.

And the stock market is doing well, despite the president's panic every time a few percentage points fall.

But US debt levels have skyrocketed as Trump tried to boost the economy through a tax cut. And that's a difficult thing happening in the bond markets – the return on shorter maturities is securities higher than long-term interest rates.

This "inversion" return, experts say, is a sign of an upcoming recession. And the haters hope they are right.

Maybe, maybe not.

The chaos of the world may be to flatten the US bond market when foreign investors try to get assets out of their own country and into ours. And that, or any other market study, could be the cause of the inversion.

This is pretty exciting and will make a great movie one of these days. But right now it's just a drama that will end – thankfully – in November 2020.

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