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Porsche Taycan production starts September 9 at new factory

Following a launch earlier this week, Porsche confirmed that the production of Taycan will start on September 9 at its new factory.

On Wednesday, Porsche unveiled the two versions of Taycan, Turbo and Turbo S, with plans to release them worldwide in the coming months.

The vehicle is not only a significant program for Porsche due to the fact that it is the first all-electric car, but it is also important because they added a lot of production capacity to support the vehicle.

Over the past four years, they built a new plant in the Zuffenhausen area to build Taycan. It includes a body shop, a paint workshop, a plant for the production of electric motors and components, a vehicle assembly house and connecting transport technology.

Albrecht Reimold, member of the Executive Board of Production and Logistics at Porsche AG, commented on the new plant “[Thenewfacilityreflectsthebrand'straditionandsendsaclearsignalaboutPorsche'sfutureItwasaconsciousdecisiontobuildTaycaninZuffenhausen-thehomeofthebrand'sheartandsoul"

He added:

" We have built a factory inside a factory – in the middle of the city and near our neighbors, in the most confined spaces, in the shortest possible time and without disrupting the existing production facility for sports cars running at full c Now the factory is finished according to plan and without major setbacks. This was possible due to thorough planning and an excellent team. Close dialogue with our neighbors was also crucial. We kept them fully updated on developments throughout the project. ”

Porsche will now start production of Taycan next week and increase production to a capacity of 20,000 to 40,000 units annually depending on demand.

Deliveries are expected first in European markets, and the vehicle will hit the North American market early next year.

Electrek's Take

After launching this week, I'm starting to think that the original 20,000 units per the weekly goal is more realistic than the newer 40,000 units thrown around.

Most people still seem to be impressed by the vehicle. It's the inevitable spec comparison to the Tesla Model S, which obviously doesn't make Taycan look good, but it's more than specifications.

The car looks fantastic and Porsche's biggest points have also been the driving pleasure, which remains to be confirmed. [19659003] However, I think price is the biggest issue. The few reservation holders I spoke to after the announcement were surprised by it.

They knew that Porsche would first launch the higher ends of the car, but they still thought it would be closer to $ 150,000 fully equipped. [19659003] Instead, it starts at $ 150,000 and goes up to $ 200,000.

I still think there will be significant demand for the car, but a goal closer to 20,000 units per year makes more sense.

To be fair, there is still a large vehicle program for a relatively small carmaker like Porsche.

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