Popeye's new chicken sandwich is different, smaller than the original

When it first came out, Popeye's chicken sandwich was a true revelation.

I tried the sandwich at a test site in Manhattan before it was officially rolled out. I compared it to seven other fast food chicken sandwiches and found that it outperformed all competitors, including Chick-fil-A, in every way. I rarely go back to the fast-food kitchen to eat the food I've tasted at work, but I had plans to go back to Popeyes for chicken sandwich.

Then everything changed when the Chicken Sandwich Wars broke out on social media, and a mad scramble after Popeye's sandwich made it sell out within two weeks of its release.

Everyone who has followed this sandwich saga knows that the chicken sandwich finally returned on Sunday after a period of more than two months. But on Twitter, some fans noticed that the sandwich looked … different.

When commented by Business Insider, a Popeye's representative said nothing about the sandwich had changed say.

Then I went to the New York Popeyes on Sunday to investigate:

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