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Popeye's Chicken Sandwich Mania hits West Michigan

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. – The recently released chicken sandwich at Popeyes is taking the internet and nation by storm.

A piece of fried chicken, jam, mayo, all on a toasted bowl; apparently it is so good that it has backed up traffic in GR.

During the past week, traffic has been backed up as cars get stuck in the drive through Popeyes on Division.

"The traffic when I first got here, it was packed around all the way, everybody was trying to get in, there were people getting out their cars and going in, it was pretty crazy," Tmarr Gray said.

Delivery drivers also have trouble keeping up with demand.

"The line is usually wrapped around the corner of Burton Street, and every time I come here I wait 40 minutes for the chicken sandwiches people order," said Uber Eats driver Len Austin.

Although customers from Muskegon to Wyoming on Saturday encountered the same problem, there are no more sandwiches.

"I'm in line all the time and they're out. My feelings are hurt," Tasha Cooper said. [1[ads1]9659003] Many of the locations hope to be stocked on Monday.

Of the lox of it, the hype around this sandwich doesn't die soon.

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