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Police removed a man from an American Airlines jet after he forced himself on board

A man ran past a port agent, down a jet bridge and onto an American Airlines flight Monday morning at Miami International Airport, and asked police to remove him and make a full safety jam of the jet after removing all passengers.

The man, who is not identified, had a ticket for Flight 1060, which was going to Newark. But after 6 pm, when the plane boarded, he got in some kind of contact with flight attendants. As workers approached him, the man stopped running, according to Miami-Dade Police Detective Lee Cowart, a department spokesman.

American Airlines spokeswoman Alexis Aran Coello said in an email that the passenger passed the gate agent as he passed by.

"He fled into a jetway and onto a plane parked at the gate," Cowart said.

A passenger on the plane, Ari Teman, told Local 10 News that the man was yelling that it was his plane and that he was the FBI.

"Business passengers blocked him from getting further into the plane (probably so they could be upgraded to Executive Platinum, but a good deed is still a good deed)," he wrote on a Facebook account.

Aviation workers called police; Cowart said they answered within a minute or two and took the man off the plane. Video that Teman posted showed him in handcuffs, face down on the ground at the airport and surrounded by police.

"The aircraft was then searched for damage and smuggling, firearms, explosives, etc., and the aircraft was searched and all clear, Said Cowart. Police determined the man was "in crisis" and took him to a hospital under a Florida law that allows people to be temporarily jailed for mental health evaluation.

It was the second time in three days that unauthorized passengers got on a plane.

On Saturday, also in Florida, a woman somehow arrived on a Delta flight at Orlando International Airport without a boarding pass. After the person seated in the seat flagged the woman's presence for employees, she was forced out of the plane. The airline, the Transportation Security Administration and the local police are investigating that incident.

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