Police have two suspects in the rescue arm, red shorter theft in Minnesota


Hundreds of tips poured in after officials launched a video of two people stole a kettle on December 4th outside the Blaine Cub Foods store at Northtown Mall. One of these tips led investigators to the suspects, according to a statement by the Blaine police on Friday.

Investigators will turn the case to Anoka County Attorney's Office for any charges. The name of the suspects was not released.

More than 1.3 million people looked at the Institute's Facebook post on theft. It shows the thieves that apparently use bolt cutters to remove donation boots from the stand. The thieves were called "The Two Grinches" on social media.

The water from kettles would normally go towards Salvation Army services, such as disaster relief, as well as food and light programs for the poor. It was not clear how much money was in the boiler at that time.

The Salvation Army has set a target of $ 2.5 million this year for the water boiler drive.

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