Poland Spring water will be sold in recycled bottles

The movement is part of a broader recycling commitment made by the company. Nestlé's US Navy has said it plans to use recycled plastic bottles across 25% of its portfolio by 2021. By 2025, it will increase that amount to 50%.

"We spent a lot of time designing these bottles to ensure they are moving efficiently and efficiently through the recycling value network," said David Tulauskas, Nestlé Waters North America's Sustainability Manager, CNN Business. "We want the bottle back."

But the obligations are not easy to deduct. Recycling infrastructure is more structured in some US cities than others, and rules for what can be recycled vary from place to place. And for recyclers to get the materials they need, people have to throw away the waste properly.
With so many moving parts, businesses need to do a lot to ensure they can keep these promises. Nestlé is a company, like several others, that has earned money in the Closed Loop Fund, which invests in recycling technology.
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By committing to buying recycled PET, the type of plastic uses as Nestlé ( NSRGY ) uses to make most bottles , It also helps drive the demand for the material.

"We need more suppliers that produce food quality, high quality" recycled PET, says Tulauskas. He noted that without this demand, recyclers would stick to "downcycling", or turn recycled plastic into a lower quality plastic.

"They need confidence that we will buy them in the long term to ensure it's worthwhile for them to invest," in the technology and equipment needed to make food plastic from recycled materials, he said.

Nestlé also examines other ways to make their products greener, he noted, as working with PepsiCo ( PEP ) and Danone DANOY ) in a research consortium developed to develop packages made with sustainable, renewable resources.

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