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Photo: The Southwest pilot climbs onto the plane through the window

A passenger photo shows a pilot climbing through a cockpit window into a Southwest Airlines jet at the San Diego airport in California.


A Southwest Airlines pilot had to climb through a cockpit window into a jet after a door was accidentally locked on a plane bound for Sacramento, a photo shows.

Passenger Matt Rexroad post the picture taken Wednesday, May 24 at San Diego International Airport to Twitter.

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The photo shows a pilot climbing through a cockpit window from a ladder next to the plane while another airline worker stands by.

“The pilot has to crawl through the cockpit window to open the door for us to board,” Rexroad wrote.

A passenger opened a bathroom door while deplaning and accidentally closed the cabin door to the cockpit, Southwest Airlines said in a May 28 email to McClatchy News.

The door locked, forcing the next crew to board the plane for the next flight to get creative, the airline said. The pilot managed to unlock the door through the window.

The entire operation took only a few minutes and the plane went to Sacramento almost as scheduled, CNN reported.

“It’s certainly something you don’t see every day and I fly a lot of miles and I’ve never seen anything like this,” Rexroad told CBS News.

This story was originally published May 28, 2023 11:07 am.

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