Phoenix flights disrupted due to violent passengers reporting hatch smoking on Arizona News

PHOENIX (3TV / CBS 5) – On Saturday, American Airlines reported the diversion of a flight from Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport to Denver International Airport due to an unruly passenger that TMZ claims fired a gunshot to the aircraft.

TMZ states that the aircraft was originally on its way to Minneapolis from Phoenix, but in the middle of the plane, the pilot announced that they had to make an emergency landing in Denver because of a "security problem in the back."

to TMZ, the word around the cabin was that one passenger told others around him that he was high on cocaine.

One of the passengers eventually ran to the box and locked himself inside it, TMZ said. Flight attendants gathered around the bathroom door and tried to convince the passenger to get out. TMZ says he was in the bathroom for ten minutes.

He got out of the bath five minutes before the plane landed to return to the seat. TMZ says the passenger was quite jumped. When the plane landed, EMTs and police arrived on board.

According to TMZ's video, which starts when officers arrive on board, the disruptive passenger lights up and begins smoking a joint he pulled out. To remove the man from the plane, the pilot arrives on the intercom and asks the passengers in the first 1[ads1]3 rows to get off the plane. A passenger is punched in the face by the man during planning.

Police and the EMT removed the man from the plane, handcuffed him and placed him on a gurney.

TMZ says the plane was on its way to Minneapolis two hours later.

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