Philip Morris has an incredible arrangement to promote Juicero by Vapes

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Cigarette smoking has been on a historic decline in the United States. This leaves some less profitable tobacco conglomerates with another opportunity to prove once again that they are evil and stupid to the same extent. "What is something all smokers – the people we become slow and so bad", you can practically imagine a suit in the Philip Morris boardroom, wondering loudly. Health Insurance!

As with the sale of some good huckster though, wait, there's more. Reviti, the name of this dubious insurance company, rewards especially and disproportionately political holders who release cigarettes for Philip Morris International's (PMI) bizarre "heated tobacco" iQOS system. There will be full price for smokers and half for quitters, but in the middle, those who stick to iQOS for three months or more will get the premiums reduced by 25 percent compared to a 2.5 percent reduction for any other e-cigarette system. including those that PMI sells themselves.

Beyond the pretty cool profiteering built into that structure, hitch is that iQOS is perhaps one of the worst designed products since Juicero. It's really confusing that something this bad exists. Instead of a nicotine-containing fluid, like in e-cigarettes, the iQOS breasts (I didn't call you children, "Heets") … a half cigarette.

The future is now.

Instead of folding together What is very clearly a paper tube filled with chopped tobacco leaves, iQOS heats miniature jars to a steam production temperature. "Because tobacco is heated and not burned," PMI claims on its website, "the level of harmful chemicals is significantly reduced compared to cigarette smoke."

According to a study attempting to control the fact of PMI's security engagement, 56 harmful or potentially harmful components (HPHCs) were tested higher in IQ than traditional cigarettes, some astronomically so. Dr. Stanton Glantz, director of the Center for Tobacco Research and Control, has also written that iQOS is "probably as bad as cigarettes" and "generates significant lung damage."

iQOS has not yet received FDA approval for sale in OSS.

Does it make sense to point product discounts to the use of an expensive, over-designed cigarette robot whose health effects are far from well understood? "It is obviously meaningful to public health and those who smoke themselves, but it also makes sense to our shareholders, too financially, as these products are not cigarettes," said PMI's CEO Andre Calantzopoulos to CNBC. They benefit from lower fees and better margins, so it's a win-win for everyone. "

PMI was not immediately available for comment.


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