PG & E accused of breaking gas pipeline, forgery of records

Eight years after a PG and E gas line exploded in San Bruno and killed eight people, state regulators are investigating whether the utilized tool has continued to fake pipeline safety records, a practice that contributed to the lethal burst.

In a Friday filing, the State Public Utilities Commission said it had opened an investigation of the tool. The filing argued that PG & E did not have enough staff who attempted to locate and mark natural gas pipelines, pushed supervisors to complete their work, preside more instances of forgery of records and data, and were aware of reports from outside parties that there were discrepancies in records.

"Tools forgery of security-related records constitute a gross violation of the law and reduce trust in the tool's reports of their progress," said PUC president Michael Picker.

The alleged violations occurred from 201[ads1]2 to 2017. [19659002] "This survey will evaluate PG & Es compliance with the Law on Localization and Marking of Natural Gas Distribution Pipelines and corresponding requirements for timely and accurate information by construction staff and individuals regarding the location of PG & Es underground pipes "according to the order filed by PUC on Friday.

San Francisco-based PG & E is already a convicted crime for crimes that occurred before and after the deadly explosion of natural gas in 2010 that destroyed a quiet San Bruno neighborhood.

"What PG & E said about improving the gas system and making it safe was just another PG & E lie," said the state late Jerry Hill, where the district contains parts of the Santa Clara and San Mateo counties, including San Bruno.

The new PUC information appears to be a serious setback for PG & Es claims that it has made steady progress under the direction of CEO Geisha Williams to operate a safe and reliable gas system and dramatically improve its security culture. PG & E has circulated countless ads to combat these security requirements.

PG & E admitted Friday that their efforts related to gas safety were insufficient.

"We are committed to accurate and thorough reporting and registration," PG & E spokesman Matt Nauman said Friday. "We did not live up to this commitment in this case."

The tool claimed that it had already taken action to correct the deficiencies.

"Among these actions are: improvements to our system that tracks 811 tickets, (digging related reports) an upgraded review and audit protocol, employing more employees and improved training for employees, to perform this work," Nauman said.

In the wake of the deadly San Bruno-blast, federal investigators decided that the disaster was caused by PG & Es's scary maintenance and unsuccessful retention, along with PUC's ease of supervision of PG & E.

"We are aware of and cooperate with PUC's investigation, "said Nauman.

Hill reminded that hearings that led to a pipeline excavation security bill he writers, including witness accounts that PG & E efforts to accurately mark gas pipelines were riddled with mistakes and lies.

"The witnesses said PG & E forged records, they did not exactly notice where the gas pipes should be, and PG & E would come back and cover up the mistakes afterwards," says Hill.

The state's PUC procedure will require the tool to prove why the government agency should not certify a report from the PUC Security and Enforcement Division and impose penalties and take other measures against PG & E, depending on the finding of violations. The procedure will be decided by a court hearing.

"These findings are another example on why we investigate PG & Es security culture, "Picker said.

The information about PG & E's potential safety error related to its aging and corrupt gas pipeline system comes at a time when the pressure has mounted on the company in connection with a number of deadly infernos as burned northbuckland's wine country in October 2017 and a deadly flame that tore through Butte County and essentially destroyed the paradise in November. 19659002] "Our k Considerable assessment of measures that address systemic security issues at PG and E will determine the best way forward for northern californians to receive safe electrical and natural gas service in the future, "Picker said.

The PUC revision of the company's security culture may include recommendations for breaking the company into at least two segments, one for gas operations and another for electricity operations. [19659002] "The state of California should look to take over PG & E," said Hill. "We are lucky we have not had even more tragedies because of PG & E."

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