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Petrol, CNG pumps in Delhi to remain closed on Monday


All 400 unhappy gasoline pumps together with CNG dispensing units in the national capital will remain closed Monday in protest against the Delhi government's refusal to reduce VAT on fuel, the Delhi Petrol Dealers Association (DPDA) said in a statement.

There are about 400 gasoline pumps in Delhi that have also connected CNG stations (CNG), and everyone will remain closed for almost 24 hours in protest from noon. 6:00 and 22:00 and stays closed until 5 pm in October 23, it said.

DPD President Nischal Singhania said: "The government had fueled gasoline and diesel with Rs 2.50 per liter every 4 September. This was followed by the reduction of VAT by various states including nearby Haryana and Uttar Pradesh, which facilitates its inhabitants.

"However, the Delhi government refused to reduce VAT on fuel, both gasoline and diesel, which resulted in fuel becoming more expensive than borders to Haryana and Uttar Pradesh."

In relation to Delhi, fuel rates in borders such as Uttar Pradesh and Haryana are cheaper, he said.

Due to high prices in Delhi and low prices in states like UP and Haryana, customers tell that petrol pumps in Delhi lead to a significant drop in sales, said Singhania.

Due to price differentials, there has been a sharp decline of 50-60 percent on the sale of diesel in Delhi and 25 percent in gasoline in this quarter, the DPDA president said and added that all 400 Pumps from Delhi will neither buy nor sell gasoline, diesel and CNG.

He said the festival season is the peak season for the sale of fuel due to social travel from residents.

"DPDA urges the Delhi government to immediately reduce VAT on gasoline and diesel and encourages commuters to buy Euro VI fuel and save livelihood to employees and owners of gas pumps in Delhi and also save the state's revenue loss," said the statement.

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