Pepsi's #ColaTruce stunt sends 130K meals to the United Way, beats our mouth about brand feeds

Photo: Michele Pevide (iStock)

Earlier this week, we were a little salty about small-flagged feuds, but lately we have removed the fists we shook in clouds. Pepsi took his own brand feud – one for the most part one-sided, if we are honest – and used it to feed people who need it.

The best part? There are some old-fashioned, friendly love of "not sweet" variety. It started with this here tweet:

It is the opening salvo that tipped the folks at Coca-Cola for an upcoming visit.

Some Pepsi people brought a statue of founder Caleb Bradham, designed to match the statue of Coca-Cola's founder John Pemberton, to the Atlantic world of Coca-Cola . They made them toast. Apparently there was someone who was at Coke, not so much caring for that dish.

But Pepsi did not leave cola I do not know Her move stops publicity stunt. The company announced that for each tweet using hashtags #ColaTruce and # Share2Donate, a meal would be donated to someone in need via the Atlanta branch of the United Way. And you? We can't criticize this shit.

Boom, 130,000 meals. Your move, Coke.

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