Patagonia sues Anheuser-Busch to sell beer bearing his name

AB InBev was awarded a trademark to sell Patagonia beer in the United States in 2012, but the company took its name to 2018, when began selling beer with the brand.

Patagonia, the clothing company, accuses AB InBev ( BUD ) of trademark injuries to copy the brand name and aesthetics of beer. AB's Patagonia beer packaging contains a silhouette of a mountain and the word Patagonia in bold.

What's worse, the clothing company says that AB InBev has sold the pier and its own Patagonia-branded clothing in pop-up stores at ski resorts, which is the Patagonia clothing area, the company said in the suit. [1[ads1]9659006] "In short, AB has done everything to make it seem that this PATAGONIA beer has been sold by Patagonia."

The company said that AB InBev "has gone so far as to create a logo that is strikingly similar to Patagonia's famous mountain silhouette logo that has emerged continuously for decades on millions of products."

In a brief statement to CNN wrote an AB InBev spokesman that the company will fight the lawsuit.

"We are aware of this lawsuit and believe that it is without merit. We will strongly defend our trademark rights."

Patagonia also questions with InBev's environmental focus, which used a poster describing "Patagonia's tree positive mission "in the pop-up stores.

  Patagonia launched Long Root beer, while AB InBev launched Patagonia beer.

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