Passengers spend 14 hours stuck on a cold, grounded plane


Newark to the Hong Kong route is one of the world's longest flights. And for United Airlines passengers on Saturday, it was much longer than usual – and they ended up back in Newark at the end of it. The passengers were stuck on the ground in fresh weather on a Canadian military base for more than 14 hours after the aircraft had to forward to Goose Bay, Newfoundland due to a medical emergency, CNN reported. "After medical professionals helped the passenger, we were told we were just refueling, and then we were going back to Newark," says passenger Steven Lau NBC. "But there was a problem getting one of the emergency exit doors properly closed." At midnight and nine hours after the flight departed from Newark and three hours after landing on the Goose Bay passengers, it was told that the door had frozen shut and another aircraft would be sent to bring them back to Newark.

When temperatures dropped to -20 outside, passengers were not allowed to leave the plane because the customs service was not at work overnight. Wrestler Sonjay Dutt tells CBC that the crew released blankets as the cold became "uncomfortable" inside the plane. When the food went low, passengers asked for help on Twitter and said that people were not good. Canadian officials brought coffee and food from Tim Horton's Sunday morning, and passengers were allowed to stretch their legs in the terminal building. United sent a plane with food to bring passengers back to Newark, where they arrived on Sunday evening. The airline says it does everything to help passengers, but Lau says some of them have decided to just scratch their trips to Hong Kong. (After six hours stuck on the tarmac, these Air Transat passengers ended up calling 91[ads1]1 to request water.)

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