Panic-like purchases on the stock market took hold when Dow surged about 750 points on Friday

A more than 750-point win in the Dow Jones Industrial Average

DJIA, + 3.29%

and an increase in the Nasdaq Composite Index

COMP, + 4.26%

Friday resulted in the stock market seeing panic-like purchases. The motions come at the back of bold comments from the Federal Reserve mayor Jerome Powell during a panel discussion with his predecessors in Atlanta. The Arms Index, a volume-weighted measurement width, tends to fall below 1[ads1],000 on wider market interest rates, as the volume of emerging stocks tends to increase disproportionately to falling stock stock volumes. When the arms fall below 0.500, many see a sign of panic acquisition. Dow ended the session with 746.94 points, or 3.3%, to 23,433.16. Meanwhile, the S&P 500 index became

SPX, + 3.43%

increased 3.4% to 2.531.94, while Nasdaq climbed 4.3% to 6.738.86. These gains saw the NYSE Arms end at 0.432, while the Nasdaq arms struck 0.447. The number of advancing shares exceeds decliners with a ratio of approx. 10 to 1 on the NYSE, with volumes in accelerating stocks about 95% of the total volume on the NYSE. Fed chairman Jerome Powell said on Friday that he is flexible about future monetary policy, which gives some comfort to investors who have become worried about the interest rate hike of the central bank, as signs of slack in the world economy seemed to mount. A moderated discussion at the American Economics Association meeting in Atlanta, Powell said, "We will be patient when we look to see how the economy is evolving." Markets were already on the rise after an official work solution showed that 312,000 jobs were created better than expected in December.

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