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Pampers Creating "Smart" Diaper – CBS Pittsburgh

(CNN) – It's coming to this: It's going to be an app for baby's diaper.

Pampers this week announced a series of smart diapers that it says will track a child's urine – but not bowel movements – as well as sleep. Last year, rival Huggies debuted a similar concept in Korea, allowing parents to receive text alerts when a child has pooped.

The Lumi by Pampers line, which Pampers says, has a waiting list before its US launch this fall, includes an activity sensor that ensures a "landing" on the front of a baby's diaper. It comes with a baby monitor and a 10-day supply of diapers. The sensor works with a corresponding app to log the child's kitty and identify patterns. Additional packages of Lumi of Pamper diapers are sold separately. Pricing is not complete.

The concept is part of the so-called "Internet of Things" movement, which allows consumers to track everything from who is calling their door bells to what is in the refrigerator and how well they brush their teeth. The baby industry has recently been flooded with connected products, including connected onesies that double as sleep traces and a robotic insect that will help rock a baby to sleep.

Many pediatricians tell parents to keep track of how often they should be in the bathroom, especially in the first few months after birth.

But parents do not need an app to tell them when their baby has pissed thanks to obvious ways to check ̵

1; the baby's crying, of course, and one can only feel how wet the diaper is. And some diapers also offer low-tech solutions: Pampers & # 39; existing "Swaddler" line with diapers, for example, has a blue line that appears on the diaper when wet.

Parents who use Lumi diapers will not, in theory, worry about checking any of them because they will receive smartphone alerts. The app will show one of three diaper statuses: dry, wet, very wet.

"Parents did not ask for a poo or pee alarm; they wanted something more like the clear bells today, said a Pampers spokesman CNN Business." The activity sensor tracks the baby's sleep, and since it is on the diaper, it can also track … if a diaper is wet. "

Like other connected products, smart diapers may have security and privacy issues. Baby monitors may be susceptible to hackers, and any app that contains personal information may potentially expose this information either for hackers or for the app's producer or partners.

A Pampers spokesperson said that the account information will include a child's name, gender, date of birth, and a 24-hour video file from the screen, plus a profile picture if the parent chooses to use one.

"I want to repeat that we take privacy and security very seriously," the spokesman said, "Only Lumi by Pampers account holders with valid credentials will be able to access the baby's data on the Lumi app."

experts say that the concept can be useful for some parents, but that there are some ways.

"Anyway, for those parents who are worried about their newborn bathroom features – to inform about something like constipation or if a child is hydrated enough when they are sick – this data can be very useful in a short time, ds," said David Anderson, senior manager of the Child Mind Institute. "Not to mention that it can be useful for potty training parents."

In addition, the sleep tracking feature can be particularly useful for parents who sleep on their baby's training.

"But that's what it weighs on data and anxiety," he said. "There may be behaviors that are completely within an acceptable range, but an anxious parent will likely find discrepancies from trusted standards a cause for concern. So while the data is generally good, we are likely to see an increase in pediatric conversations." [19659002] Kathy Hirsh-Pasek, president of the International Society for Infant Studies, agreed. "The more we have analyzes on babies, the more we are concerned that it actually means something we have calculated this," she said. "It creates a frenetic feeling when you are a parent."

For example, Hirsh-Pasek said that a child can urinate more on a hot day because the water intake increased and a parent only sees a change in pattern on an app can only see something as abnormal and not the harmless reason for it.

Smart diapers can also make babies less self-reliant, she added. Children will sometimes retreat to the diapers, such as an early form to communicate that it is time for a change.

"We see this a lot with potato training – kids need to learn to control and recognize what is happening to their body," she said. "We don't want our kids to grow up without knowing how to do this. Babies have the right to cry and let us know what's going on."

Hirsh-Pasek said she believes parents should focus on master how to understand their babies without the help of technology.

"I'm sure it will be even more digital products to analyze babies in the future, but the best thing you can do is cuddle, build a relationship and look in the eye and see what they are trying to tell us – not what we are trying to tell them, "she said.

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