Package thieves are captured with decoy Amazon deliveries

As a ferry supplier – and packs thefts – hits the peaks, some cities turn to decoder to try to capture suspicious thieves.

The police in Jersey City, New Jersey, across the Hudson River from Manhattan, are catching intruders with fake Amazon boxes equipped with surveillance cameras and GPS devices. The decoals have been placed outside houses in areas where several thefts have occurred.

Police chief Michael Kelly announced the move on Twitter this week, saying that the department wanted to deter theft by announcing the sting project.

It was hardly ever before the first theft was due, AP reported.

"We had a box out on the street for three minutes before it was taken," said Captain James Crecco, who oversees the initiative, told AP. "We thought it was a mistake first."

Using a GPS locator in the box, police discovered a suspicious Tuesday, Crecco said.

All the boxes, which the city got free from Amazon, contains GPS devices and can be traced, said Kelly. The police will also be able to use surveillance photos to identify suspicions.

Kelly said the plan has been reviewed and approved by a municipality and adds that the city hopes to expand the program with the help of Amazon.

Land, the police in Elk Grove, California, is trying a similar tactic. The local police department said it would send bait packages to different places at different times of the day to try to catch thieves, reported ABC10.

Exact numbers on vertebrates are difficult to get past. A company commissioned by comparison-shopping service surveyed 1,000 people and extrapolated that 26 million Americans have had a vacation package stolen from their homes. It would be almost one of 12 Americans.

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