Over 24,000 kilograms of meat are recalled, considered unfit for human consumption

(WTNH) – Over 24,000 pounds of beef products – including beef fillet, ribeye and beef tenderloin – have been recalled by American Beef Packers after being deemed "unfit for human consumption".

The U.S. Department of Agriculture's Food Safety and Inspection Service (FSIS) announced that a cadaver was mistakenly released and processed before receiving test results.

Raw beef products were produced and packaged on August 21, 2019. The following products can be recalled: [View Labels]

  • Bulk gaskets containing “AMERICAN BEEF PACKERS 85 BONELESS BEEF CHUCKS” with LOT NO.110 and BIN No. 85 and BIN No. 86.
  • Bulk pack combo bins contain "AMERICAN BEEF PACKERS 90 BONELESS BEEF" with LOT NO. 1[ads1]10 and BIN No. 81, BIN No. 82 and BIN No. 83.
  • Bulk package combo boxes containing “AMERICAN BEEF PACKERS 85 BONELESS BEEF” with LOT NO. 25-110 and BIN No. 84 and Item No. 110 and BIN No. 88.
  • Cases containing “US BEEF PACKERS RIBEYE 8/10 # 1” with the codes BT190821-1178, BT190821-1185, BT190821-1188, BT190821 – 1190, and BT190821-1194.
  • 66.2 lb. case containing “AMERICAN BEEF PACKERS RIBEYE 10 UP # 1” with code BT190821-1186.
  • Bulk package containing “AMERICAN BEEF PACKERS 90 BONELESS BEEF SIRLOINS” with LOT NO. 24-110 and BIN No. 80.
  • Cases containing "AMERICAN BEEF PACKERS TERDERLOIN 4 UP" with codes BT190821-1160, BT190821-1161, BT190821-1162, BT190821-1163, BT190821-1167, BT190821-1168, BT190821-1168 – 1169 and BT190821-1170.
  • Cases containing "AMERICAN BEEF PACKERS RIBEYE 10 UP" with codes BT190821-1187 and BT190821-1192.
  • Cases containing “AMERICAN BEEF PACKERS TENDERLOIN 3/4” with codes BT190821-115, BT190821-1157, BT190821-1171, BT190821-1200, BT190821-1201, BT190821-1202, BT190821-1203, BT190821 BT190821-1205.
  • 50-lb. cases containing "AMERICAN BEEF PACKERS DESC: BEEF FOR ADDITIONAL TREATMENT 75/25" with lot code 08347412719.

Consumers who purchased these products are encouraged not to consume them.

Currently, no reports of adverse effects due to the consumption of these products have been confirmed.

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