Our man at CES 2019 – Part one: Find crypto

Where is it better to check out all the latest cryptographic technologies than the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. In fact, as it turned out, it wasn't as easy as first expected to find crypt on CES.

Technology Unveiled at CES 2019

Sunday before the show, a media event called CES Unveiled, with The Best of Innovation Awards.

After three hours of celebration interested in a number of technological start-ups of the latest offer, I began to lose hope. The closest thing I would get to any blockchain-related was a sales unit that the exhibitor said, "may evolve to include cryptocurrency payments in the future."


Only when the event was finished, I stumbled across the Archos stand, showing a new hardware purse, the Safe-T connector. I arranged to meet them again during the show, with the possibility that they could source a rating model.

By leaving the hall I was sequestered by a youth with a sign that said CoinAgenda. Apparently there was a crypto afterpass a short bus ride away. A quick straw mood of the guests suggested that no one really knew what the party had to do with crypto. But there was an open bar, so no one seemed too concerned.

Conference tracks

Monday was used to explore Vegas, but I did chance at this ATM in a love shop.

Then Tuesday saw a full day of hosted discussions in the "Digital Money" panel. Access to these conference tracks is required to purchase an additional pass over and above the registration for the main event. While I had not found much to report from the Unveiled show, there was a wealth of cryptocurrency and blockchain, which played a prominent role in events.

A varied selection of speakers and panelists included Brock Pierce, Tim Draper, Michael Terpin of the Transform group, and the Prince of the Netherlands. Sessions covered topics such as security, blockchain in the entertainment industry, regulation and decentralization.

Last on the form was "The Second Annual Token Slugfest", where six companies gave four-minute slots for their ICOs. This was concluded with a clap-o-meter type of pitching of the pitches, and the coronation of any winner.

Having spent the day bathing in the warm fuzzy glow of all things crypto, my spirits were rejuvenated. I planned to hit the show floor the next day to continue my search. Actually (many) show floor. I hadn't understood how big this CES thing was.

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